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Greenwald's Video Documentary on Rudy Giuliani (1 of 4)

Synopsis: This first in a series of four segments from Robert Greenwald's video documentary on Rudy Giuliani examines Giuiani's decision to locate New York City's Office of Emergency Management Command Center in World Trade Center tower 7, despite the previous terrorist attack on that very same complex on February 23, 1993.

Not only did Giuliani make a horrendously stupid decision that cost a great number of first responders their lives, but to this day he lies about the decision.

Rudy: "The situation is that two airplanes have attacked... apparently..."

Way to be in charge and on top of things, Rudy. And then the Lying Buffoon Giuliani sits there in that interview with Chris Wallace and laughs... and lies... then laughs and lies some more.

The Associated Press reports the following:

A filmmaker who was behind documentaries that bashed Rupert Murdoch and Wal-Mart is now focusing on Rudy Giuliani, creating an ``online viral video campaign'' about the presidential candidate timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack.

Robert Greenwald on Thursday launched the first of four short videos about Sept. 11 and the Republican former mayor. The others are planned to launch throughout the month.

The videos attack Giuliani by saying he failed to prepare New York City for a major disaster, he ignored sick ground zero workers after the terrorist attack and he profited financially from his association with the tragedy after leaving office in 2001.

``We want to use this forum to reach people and show and tell and say, 'Look here are some truths that we want you to know,''' Greenwald told The Associated Press. The video blitz has an accompanying web site, therealrudy.org.

In response to the release of the documentary, the Giuliani campaign questioned Greenwald's motivation and timing.

``It's unfortunate that a conspiracy theorist so disconnected from reality would launch a politically motivated hit video to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,'' said Mike McKeon, a Giuliani spokesman.

Why release this now, and not hold this and release it after Giuliani has secured the nomination? Perhaps a month or so before the general election in November 2008?

Because going Blue in 2008 isn't about politics and winning, it's about doing what's right for America and the American people. Rudy Giuliani is not qualified to be our President. He flat out has no business being in the White House. Rudy Giuliani should be stopped now -- before he gets the nomination. America cannot afford to have Giuliani in command.


UPDATE: Robert Greenwald responds to Giuliani's response:

Yesterday the Giuliani camp attacked and slandered us at Brave New Films for our release of the investigative video, The Real Rudy: Command Center. Name calling on the order of "conspiracy theorists" and "cashing in" were the levels to which they sunk. But in the age of independent media, we don't have to take it or wait for the MSM to give us a chance to respond...
  • Index of available segments of Greenwald's Giuliani Documentary linked here.

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Good psot Lee. I saw this yesterday passed around in an email from a friend. Good to see it's getting currency.


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