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Thompson Campaign Lying About Leno Appearance

fat_head_fred.jpgFred Thompson's campaign spokesperson Mary Matlin is lying about the reason that Fat-Head Fred ran and hid from the Fox New Hampshire Republican Debate yesterday. She's claiming that the decision to not appear in the debate was that Leno had a bigger audience.

"This is a message-driven campaign, and we want to drive people, and the biggest place to do that was Jay Leno."

Fat-Head Fred could have announced on Labor Day, or even a day later on Tuesday, and still appeared in the debate -- the Leno show would have fallen all over themselves to get Fred on to make this big announcement on whatever day Fred wanted -- but Fat-Head Fred chose instead to appear on Leno on Wednesday in order to have an excuse to not appear in the debate.

Fat-Head Fred isn't prepared to debate. Fat-Head Fred knows that once he opens his fat mouth America will discover that he's precisely what President Nixon described -- "dumb as hell."

Fat-Head Fred's people think the Republican voters are stupid, and will swallow lies like this. Since these same core voters are still swallowing Bush's lies about Iraq and the US Attorney firings, maybe Fat-Head Fred's people are right.

I hope so... I hope this dumb-ass gets the Republican nomination. He will lose to anyone he debates in a national forum. He's an empty vessel actor, a pretender, and a professional liar. All he has to do is open his mouth and talk for an hour and that will become painfully clear.

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Comments (7)

Paul Hamilton:

Be careful what you wish for. Bush is an empty vessel as well, but as Rove has proven, if you have a skilled person feeding him his lines, he can be a powerful opponent.

That said, I think he'd be a more vulnerable candidate in a debate than someone like Romney or McCain and about on par with Guiliani.


Fred Thompson has obviously read Sun-Tzu...


Lee, what else would you expect from a deceitful bitch like Matlin? She has a soft spot in her heart for dictators and thugs which is why she was an aide to Der Cheney.


Is that why she married the ragin Cajun, Carville? Whom I seem to recall was Clinton's Rove.

Lee Ward:

Interesting stuff on Matlin -- I wasn't aware of her backstory.

After Nixon lost the presidency in 1960 due to his debate performance, Thompson could start a new trend of refusal to debate and instead only tailor select advertising and other media in his favor. This could become a huge blow to the public education of the voters through debates. Thompson has already made it clear that he doesn't like debates, and he might even choose to avoid them all if he honors this view. This is a huge step in the wrong direction for democracy.

Who did you say was Thompson's Hollywood agent. Be careful about what you say about Mary Matlin. Carville not only has brains, he's also got money with a cajun temper. For breakfast, he puts"HOT" sauce on his eggs and gumbo!


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