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Craig to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Bathroom Sex Sting Arrest

Republican Senator from Idaho Larry Craig who was busted in a sting by police targeting men seeking sexual liaisons in the Minneapolis airport bathroom is attempting to withdraw his guilty plea as reported by MSNBC:

Sen. Larry Craig will file court documents Monday asking to withdraw his guilty plea in a sex sting that seems likely to end his career, his attorney said.

While numerous Republicans including Senator John McCain instantly pounced on Craig demanding that he resign, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has come to his defense:

Appearing on CNN's "Late Edition," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said Craig is entitled to his day in court.

"Maybe he'll be convicted, but I doubt it," said Specter, the Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking Republican.

Specter said that when he learned the details of the arrest "I was convinced that he couldn't be convicted if he fought the case."

Minnesota law is that a guilty plea may be withdrawn if it was not intelligently made "and what Sen. Craig did was by no means intelligent," said Specter.

I'd like to know who can seriously argue that Craig could have been convicted with the flimsy evidence in this case. Tapping your feet, bumping your foot into someone else's and waving your hand under the divider hardly seem like criminal offenses if they did in fact occur which would be difficult to prove.

By the admission of the police themselves, Craig did not verbally make any lewd suggestions and did not engage in any lewd acts. It is going to be increasingly difficult for the Republican leadership to explain why Craig should be drummed out of the Senate because he foolishly succumbed to the brow-beating of the police and plead guilty to charges he clearly never could have been convicted of in a court of law.

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Talk about flip flopping, maybe he is a secret Democrat. You also quoted: Minnesota law is that a guilty plea may be withdrawn if it was not intelligently made "and what Sen. Craig did was by no means intelligent," said Specter.

And this person is a US Senator? Just shows what idiots are elected. Why do we have unintelligent people making laws?

Being that stupid, and admitting it, he needs to resign for that.


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