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Republican Congressman Frank Wolf Makes Cash Grants For Worthless Causes Easy

Representative Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) makes it very easy for anyone with a worthless organization or cause to seek federal grants with his help, thanks to link on his official website. One such organization that Wolf helped to fund was Morality In Media, a Christian right wing political organization promoting a Taliban-like morality for the American mass media, and a particular distain for the First Amendment and freedom of expression.

In 2005 and 2006 Wolf helped to add $150,000 yearly in DOJ grants to fund the two poorly maintained websites run by Morality In Media, including their ObscenityCrimes.Org website -- which is hardly any official crime prevention website but rather a place for right wing cranks to file complaints about the latest cover of Cosmopolitan displayed at their grocery store or some salty language on TV or some other Christian right nonsense. It is not surprising that not a single federal obscenity conviction has resulted from any of the "work" funded by these official Alberto Gonzales Department Of Justice grants.

Morality In Media has been attacked by both THE NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST in recent times, prompting the organization's head, Robert Peters, to post a defense of the organization on the Morality In Media website. In another interview, a representative of this organization proclaimed that the United States is a "Christian Nation" to justify their political philosophy of seeking to impose their personal religious and political values on others.

This organization once hired the Harris Polling company to conduct a poll to attempt to claim public support for their work, however with leading questions, any "push" type poll hardly proves public support, especially when any ballot measure dealing with government censorship of the media has failed in nearly every statewide election since the 1980's. Fringe organizations will always attempt to claim broad public support for their extremist views, especially when there is virtually no visible sign of public support. Other than Congressman Wolf and the Alberto Gonzales Department Of Justice, Morality In Media has few supporters.

Congressman Wolf is all too typical of some members of Congress who use pork spending proposals to send big government grants to fund worthless organizations or pet political causes. As a Congressman, Wolf has been also been particularly ineffective, with 70 bills authored since 1997, but 46 not even making it out of committee because they were too far from the political mainstream, and only 12 even becoming law.

But right wing groups who really achieve little more than profiting from government grants will always be assured of some big government grants and support as long as friends like Representative Wolf remain in office, while important medical research goes unfunded. Your government at work.

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While I agree that Congressman Wolf's appropriations habits represent a clear example of needless government Pork, one could certainly argue that the bulk of this post demonstrates a particular distain for the First Amendment and freedom of expression and of religion.

Doug in Mount Vernon:

I assume you meant "disdain"?

Jayemay, I'm a strong supporter of civil liberties and First Amendment issues. Morality In Media represents a "Talibanlike" organization that expects all Americans to conform to their own personal tastes and proclaims that this is a "Christian nation" to justify their self-righteous efforts. This organization does not really offer any service to the DOJ as far as preventing crimes against anyone, but instead is merely a self-appointed censorship organization that wants to use the power of law to impose it's will on others. It is not a good organization or one that deserves public financing for it's activities. It is merely a sham organization whose main expense seems to posting a couple of poorly maintained websites and collecting DOJ checks.

Legitimate religious groups would not seek government checks for their activites like this sham organization does. It does not provide any legitimate help to law enforcement and walks all over the Bill Of Rights. And many of it's crusades such a war on magazines displayed in supermarkets like Cosmopolitan are highly petty and prudish in nature. It's merely a screwball organization in my view.


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