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Boehner Says Troops Have Paid a "Small Price" in Iraq

It's truly amazing that one of the most important Republican Party leaders in Congress can refer to the sacrifice made by our troops and their families as a "small price". But it illustrates just how little they consider the troops in their deliberations on the Iraq War. For Boehner's information we have now lost 3,766 of our heroes in Iraq with about 36,000 wounded.

But that's just the beginning of the price that has been made by the troops and their families. Hundreds of thousands of our troops have been separated from their families for extended periods of time. Some of them are (incredibly) now on their fourth and fifth tours of duty in Iraq. This extraordinary burden has created a massive dislocation in the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people.

All of the Republican Presidential candidates have an obligation to respond to this statement by the House Minority Leader. Do they agree or disagree that our troops have paid a "small price" in Iraq? John McCain is the only one so far who has been heard:

"He misspoke. With all due respect, every American wounded or sacrificed is the greatest possible price to pay," and we should all be grateful, "particularly those of us who sit in relative safety while those young men and women are fighting.... He ought to retract it."

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Comments (9)

Lee Ward:

Boehner the bonehead - so typical of the right.

He doesn't GIVE A DAMN about the sacrifices being made by the families of our soldiers, and like the other Republican chickenhawks he stands on the backs of our men and women in uniform to promulgate his sad and failing political agenda.

National Guard LT:

While I feel "dirty" for saying it, Bravo to McCain. Now I pray that he never gets anywhere near the White House.

I have a question for Boehner. "Congressman, if the soldiers that have died in Iraq represent a "samll price" how would your describe your personal efforts in the Global War on Terror?"

National Guard LT:

Do the Wizbangers ever visit this side of the aisle?

Why are they not in an uproar?

From reading their recent articles, it looks like they have been neutered.

Lee Ward:

"Why are they not in an uproar?"

As usual, they're waiting to take their cue from Michelle Malkin. These days they prefer to link rather than think.

When they do finally react it'll come in the form of a link to a Malkin post with the admonition "you must read the whole thing!"

Then, when Malkin sticks her foot in her mouth and gets it wrong as usual they'll fall silent on the subject, waiting for their next cue to spew.

While Blitzer's question did conclude with the blood sacrifice being paid, he began by emphasizing US taxpayers' monetary costs. I think that's what Boehner was answering to. I don't for one minute think Boehner's comment was to trivialize the troop's sacrifices. But he's one of those hateful and hated Republicans, so you guys go ahead and flail away at him. I'll leave you to your thrashing.

Lee Ward:

Maybe Boehner will just cry instead... I still think he's one of the GWOT's walking wounded.

I suppose in the economy of things, Boehner may not see the loss of nearly 3,800 Americans in Iraq as a great expense when the possibility of America gaining some control over the 220 billion barrels of Iraq's oil was really at stake. But that's a really callous vision of the overall economy of things.

Steve Crickmore:

Whatever way you look at it our war in Iraq has been very expensive.

"Boehner Says Troops Have Paid a "Small Price" in Iraq"

Is that what he should apologize for? Something you claim he said? I believe that since the question was indeed two-fold, he should clarify that he was answering to the questions of monetary costs, but apologize? Unless the troops are only reading your headlines, I think they understand what he was saying.

"So, I guess it's only Democrats who need to apologize to the troops when they insult them? Is that what your position is?"

No. And all your insuating won't make it so either. Just like your insuation that Boehner intended to insult the troops. I think John Kerry should apologize for his remarks in the early seventies. I don't believe he intended to insult the troops with his botched joke. And I think the troops know that too.


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