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Michael B. Mukasey and the Giuliani Connection

16attorney.190.1.jpgThe New York Times is reporting that former New York federal judge Michael B. Mukasey is at the top of Bush's short list for nomination to the position of US Attorney General, replacing Alberto "Memory Loss" Gonzales. I've read elsewhere that the announcement could come as soon as the next 24 hours.

Liberal blogs are picking up the story and citing it as good news, while some conservatives are honked off that bush is backing down from his first choice of Thomas Olson -- who everyone knew (but Republicans didn't care) would have a tough uphill battle for confirmation.

It seems "appropriate" that Mukasey's current practice at Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler includes the area of "White Collar Defense and Investigations", after all - there appears that there may be some high-level white collar crime surrounding some of the Bush administration's more notable "indiscretions"...

Oh, wait -- the Attorney General is charged with prosecuting white collar crime, my bad!

What seems even more "appropriate" is that Mukasey's son Marc is "a former Southern District prosecutor and white-collar defense partner at Bracewell & Giuliani in New York."

That's right. The son of the (potential) next Attorney General receives a nice seven-figure income from a law firm owned by the leading GOP candidate for President.

When are Republicans going to stop being so damned crooked?

In my view the Attorney General of the United States should not be someone with close ties to Giuliani. There's been enough politics in the Justice Department with Karl Rove swinging his weight around the DOJ decision-making process. It's time to make a clean break and give the people of the United States an Attorney General who is pristine and free from hints of possible impropriety.

Michael B. Mukasey isn't that person.

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so you are condemning the father because of the son's connections and success? that's real tolerant of you, lee. and, how, exactly is that crooked?

let's see, the guy is a former federal judge, has a background in white collar crime, a federal prosecuter, has experience with the issues of crimainal law and terrorism. now to me, this sounds like exactly the kind of man we would want to have as AG.

if you don't think he's prestine, what, exactly, are you accusing him of? other than being a republican.


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