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Another Atta-Boy for Alberto Gonzales

Atchison.jpgI'm glad Rove and Gonzales were so damned eager and interested in firing US Attorneys a while back. It's comforting to know the Republicans are watching the hen house.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, an Assistant US Attorney from the state of Florida was charged with flying to Detroit to have sex with a five year old girl.

John David Roy Atchison, 53, of Gulf Breeze, Fla., was charged with enticement of a minor using the Internet and knowingly traveling interstate to engage in illicit sex.

With eyes cast downward and fiddling with papers, Atchison asked for a court attorney before he obtains one on his own.

His arrest Sunday was part of an undercover sex crime sting on behalf of the Macomb Area Computer Enforcement Team, also known as M.A.C.E.

According to court records, Atchison, who described himself as "very much a family man," initiated an online chat Aug. 29 with an undercover officer posing as a mother interested in letting men have sex with her children.

During continuous conversations, he expressed a desire to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex with her fictitious daughter, records show.

At one point, he wrote: "I'm always gentle and loving; not to worry; no damage ever; no rough stuff ever ever."

He assured the undercover officer that the girl would not need medical attention, saying, "I can be absolutely sure; just gotta go slow and very easy is how; I've done it plenty."

Prosecutors say the transcripts could lead to further investigations.

Days before catching the flight for his Macomb County destination, records show, he told the woman to tell the girl she "found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents."

Atchison is due back Tuesday in U.S. District Court for a detention hearing. If convicted of the charges, he could face a maximum of 60 years in prison.

His employer did not return multiple calls seeking comment.

Maybe "his employer" is busy in some internet chat room too.

Heck, when are those US Attorneys in Florida going to get to work fixing the election? Don't they realize there isn't much time?

UPDATE: The Pensacola News Journal is reporting that Atchison is an officer in a Pensacola youth sports community organization:

He's also president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, a volunteer community group focused on youth sports, according to the organization's Web site.[...]

Mike Mabry, vice president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, said his organization placed Atchison on leave until the case is resolved.

"Honestly, we're trying to put this behind us," Mabry said. "Our goal is to be here for the kids. This is the last thing the kids need. We will move forward."

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Comments (11)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, to be sure Bush and Rove have made political party affliation and being a strong Bushie practically the only prerequisite for becoming an attorney in the D0J, but one would hope for better behavior still from them than this.. see A Special Place in Hell

Lee Ward:

Parents everywhere are no doubt comforted knowing that ever since Rove and Gonzales cleaned up the US Attorneys' offices we now only have pedophiles who do it "slow and easy" with five year olds...

And some say the days of the compassionate conservative are over! Pshaw!


I'd bet this guy is a democrat, if he was a republican the AP would be shouting it as loudly as they could. Democrats in congress have a much worse record on sex offenses, their constituents just don't care. Republicans take out their trash, all the democrats are is trash.


And Bush should have tossed out all the US attorneys, like Clinton did, not just some of them. Clinton appointees have been a disaster in this country. He should have removed all of them from the CIA as well, and we could have skipped all the politics coming from those who are supposed to be defending us. We've never had such a bunch of scum in the works of this country, and Bush should have gotten rid of them all, in stead of just a few. Funny the lib press doesn't mention Clinton's activities when they feed their idiot sheep this twisted crap and get them all worked up over absolutely nothing.

Lee Ward:

Sigh -- Another crackpot rightie...

Atchison was hired under the Reagan administration.

Atchison has worked in the U.S. attorney's office in Pensacola since the late 1980s, mostly handling asset forfeitures in criminal cases and civil cases in which the United States was a party.

Next time try reading the linked articles... The quote above is from the Update link.

And he's an Assistant US Attorney - The Presidential sweeps don't touch the Assistant Attorneys.

Lee Ward:

And I can't vouch for the accuracy of the following information, so take it for what it's worth:


By: HAB911 18 Sep 2007, 04:14 PM EDT Msg. 243949 of 243995

LOL! The only registered John Dave R Atchison (John David Roy Atchison)registered in Florida is a Republican from Gulf Breeze (Pensacola suburb) born in 1957, which fits.

And from the first link in the article - the Pensacola News Journal story:

The listing on the court's docket lists John David Roy Atchison's Shoreline Drive address in Gulf Breeze.

The age fits a 50 year old man, simple math genius. 2007 - 1957 = 50, and the man is 53.

He was also admitted to the bar in 1986, and would have had to be only 2 or 3 years as a lawyer to have been appointed a by Reagan. "Working in the office" doesn't mean he was an appointed US attorney, a couple years out of the bar exam? I mean call me crazy lol (because the defamation thing is all "winners" who take these idiotic positions have going besides flat out dishonesty), but that's just stupid.

So we know it's not the 50 year old guy who this guy who calls me a crack pot says it fits, lol. We also know, unless we are stupid, that Regan didn't appoint him a US attorney a couple years after he took the bar.

He's a democrat, and if democrats had honor enough to pay up on a debt I'd lay money on it. It's a no brainer, if it was a republican, or a republican appointee, that would have been put out there with high priority by the very biased liberal democrat sycophants in the AP.

Good try, either dishonest or stupid, but that's the speed we're used to from democrats these days.

Lee Ward:

I'm sure there's two John David R Atchisons in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

And the guy is now an Assistant US Attorney. 20 years ago he could have been a file clerk. No one said he as hired in the late 80's as a US Attorney.

And I didn't say he wasn't appoointed by "Regan", I wrote that he was hired under the Reagan administration. Again, you can't read.

Do you write for Wizbang by any chance? You're dumb enough... Why dont' you just link to Malkin and get it over with... lol.

We should have the arrest report up on the web in a day or so... more details can be checked then. So far, the only support you have to say this guy is a Democrat is that he's not 50 years old.

Strong argument there...


I see you can edit your posts, as the words in which you said the ID in Florida for the republican with the same name born in 1957 fit this perv, when it took only simple math to figure out that it's not the same guy, as the perv is 53. You had to see that, but maybe hope no one would notice? Typical democrat behavior, lately.

What would be the point of saying he was hired in some underling gofer position in the department, under the Reagan administration? There were plenty of democrats hired under those conditions. Again, disingenuous, but why am I not surprised?

And no, I don't write for anyone, and I'm not even a "rightie" It's just that I'm not a simple shallow minded fool as you are. I argue reality and use facts, and as in this case I make predictions based on proven patterns, such as the APs long demonstrated political bias.

You obviously argue from a ideology based on team loyalty to a group, just like religious crackpots do, or loyal regional sports fans (fanatics) ... just another populist who doesn't care about whats real and it's over all effect on the country, just concerned about the peer accepted position and how you appear to that group. How intellectually tiny is that?

That's why you will argue disingenuously, and think it accomplishes something if you just make your position seem right, and so your chosen group, using deception. You are just another Sophist and like all the others you stupidly work counter to your own welfare for a shallow goal, but you're to thick and slow to understand it. You're blinded by an idiotic type of loyalty which the other fools you look to approval from, applaud. Must make you feel important huh?, lol.

BUT do we really want to get into analysis of each other here? That goes much deeper than the question at hand.

Is this US Attorney guy "just another republican perv?" As if there have not been many more democrats involved in perverse activities, which were covered by their party and not held accountable by their constituents? The media is pushing anything on Republicans in order to defame and so discredit, but silent about democrats who've shown perverse proclivity and acts, and been involved in illegal acts related to it? Republicans always take out their trash even if acts were not illegal, which is good. Democrats defend theirs, and there is a long history to pull from which the media won't touch for their own reasons, their own politically biased reasons.

Is the main stream media biased to the left? Their own poling says they are predominantly left. Would the AP fail to ID this guy as republican if he was? Their record says they would ID a republican in a very loud way, but not a democrat, for the reasons I've said. It's all over the net about "another pervert republican" and statistically speaking, the left is in an extremely hypocritical position, despite the phony media driven buzz lately.

Lets just see how this plays out ; ).

Lee Ward:

"Is this US Attorney guy "just another republican perv?"

Interesting question.

Lee Ward:

And he's an Assistant US Attorney -- remember, reading is fundamental...


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