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Gathering of Eagles Disgrace America

Pro-war supporters show their true colors September 15, 2007 in a counter-protest to the anti-war rally in Washington, DC led by Iraq Veterans Against the War. WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE (NSFW)

Spitting on Iraq War veterans simply because those veterans -- having been to Iraq to serve their country and having witnessed first-hand what we're fighting for and against -- now have a view different from the President's?

What disgraceful behavior.

UPDATE: Out of curiosity I did a search on Wizbang for "Gathering of Eagles" -- just to see how our right wing sister site has covered this or other news events triggered by these sad, disgraceful Americans.

Check out this description by Jay Tea of a past Gathering of Eagles event:

If nothing else, A Gathering Of Eagles ought to be an excellent chance to meet some fine, outstanding, civic-minded individuals who have the courage to stand up for what they consider right and proper. And that alone ought to be worth the trip.

It takes courage to spit on Iraq Veterans? Fine, outstanding, civic-minded...?

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Comments (3)

Paul Hamilton:

Like the man said, it's good for the public to see the nature of the people who are still supporting this war. I wonder how many of them served in Iraq -- or ANYWHERE for that matter.

Actual spitting on soldiers would be, but I don't think that's what is going on here. I am a veteran of the First Gulf War, and I opposed the invasion of Iraq from day one. We had no business going in there, and we have done more to screw things up than make them right. Now we're trapped in a quagmire and our troops are caught in the crossfire. Now that idiot wants to attack Iran? Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. If you're so gung-ho to serve the interests of a corporate elitist bent on using our armed forces to turn a profit, I suggest you enlist immediately. Put your ass on the line and see what it's like before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

Lee Ward:

Well said.


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