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Hillary Remains Untarnished by Hsu: Polls

Hillary Clinton is beginning to look unstoppable. Rasmussen reports that;

She holds a 2-1 lead over Senator Barack Obama garnering 40% (Thursday 38%) to Obama's 20% (Thursday 22%). and her favorable rating is 81% among Democrats and her negative rating is only 17%. With (a favorable) rating this high it is hard to see how she will be denied the nomination.. Senator Clinton is also seen (implausibly to me) as the most liberal candidate in the field. In a race where close to half the primary electorate are ideological or operational liberals, this is extremely good news for the New York Senator.

Not even the Norman Hsu scandal seems to have slowed her down. Norman Hsu gave lavishly (other people's monies) to incredibly 83 politicians, but Hillary receiving the lion's share, 850,000 dollars, understandbly, is also receiving the lion's share of bad press attention, as Hsu has managed to push even Jack Abramoff's name off the front of the crime pages.

Today was no exception. This afternoon, "criminal charges were fired in Lower Manhattan against 'disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu' as part of a $60 million 'Ponzi Scheme' that is strikingly similar to another one he allegedly perpetrated in California".

Let's hope Hillary gives all the money back as promised. If she is such a lead-cinch candidate she should have no problem raising more, to cover her losses. For 'Hillraiser' Hsu it seems that even many Republican voters bundled money through him, to her campaign, which is somewhat inexplicable considering Hillary has talked so often about "a vast right- wing conspiracy, (unless?) but life is never so simple, when so much money is being passed around, and every bundler seemed to have a different self-serving motive for giving.

This all makes for interesting reading, as to why people take such an interest in $upporting politicians, in our body politic, but it seems it is unlikely to hurt Hillary personally. As Lee Ward said "she and Bill are survivors", and for better or worse, (probably a little of both) Hillary's politics are seen, even by herself, as an extension of Bill Clinton's terms, although not surprisingly, 'In the Legacy Problem' in ''The New Yorker,'

she rejected the idea that she is simply running for a third Clinton term, but she had a warning for an opponent who thinks he can defeat her by taking on her husband: "Any Democrat who rejects the only two-term Democratic President we've had since Franklin Roosevelt is rejecting an important part of how we are in a position to be able to run and win in the 2008 election.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

She rejects and invokes all in the same sentence.

That's a Clinton...

Lee Ward:

And I came across this YouTube clip recently ...

It's Ann 'Adams Apple" Coulter explaining why women shouldn't have the vote - its because women vote for liberal candidates.


With women, Hispanics, and the bloc of moderates who are fed up with Bush -- all moving towards the Blue Light -- we have a Perfect Storm for the Democrats.

Day after day we have more examples of why the current simple majority in the Senate isn't enough - it will take 60 plus Democratic Senators to get the will of the people done.

And the great Republican strategy is to stick the incoming adminstration with a failed war and a bleak future for Iraq so they can spend the next four years painting the Iraq debacle that follows as the Democrats fault.

Those fathead clowns won't even clean up after themselves.

Now that's leadership...

I hope Clinton falters enough to the point that she has to bring in Obama as her running mate. As strong as she is now she could put OJ Simpson on her ticket as VP and she'd still win the presidency.


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