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John David Roy Atchison's Profile on Yahoo

Update: After several attempts to take his own life John David Roy Atchison finally succeeded - link.

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John David Roy Atchison (aka JD Roy Atchison, John David R. Atchison, and Roy Atchison), the Florida Assistant US Attorney recently charged in a child sex sting operation, not only has a MySpace profile that details his predilections for sex with children, teens and adult women who pretend to be under age, it appears that he also created a profile page on Yahoo.

If you have a Yahoo account you can access the profile for user name "fldaddy04", the same name used by Atchison on his MySpace page, or you can instead click here to see a full-page screenshot of the profile hosted on Wizbang Blue. In addition, sections of the profile screen capture appear in this post, along with cut and paste text excerpts from the profile.

Hobbies: The following is listed under the "hobbies" section of the profile:

surfing, skiing, diving, boating, young girls, petite girls, skinny girls, TB/AB girls, girls of all ages who like to dress and act young, and girls who like girls.

TB refers to "Teen Baby", a 13-18 year-old who practices infantilism -- which is described on the urban dictionary website as "Enjoyment from infant-related things. Pretending to be a baby, wearing diapers (see diaper lover, speaking like a child (ie "I sowwy"), sleeping in a crib. Wide range of things, but all infant-related. Note that this is interest in the trappings/behaviour of youth, not sexual interest in the youth themselves (that's a pedophile)."

AB refers to "Adult Baby," which Wikipedia describes as "...characterized by the desire to wear diapers and be treated as a infant or toddler. About one in three adult babies is also a diaper lover (DL), so they are collectively known as AB/DLs."

Wikipedia goes on to note that the majority of infantilists are heterosexual males, but Atchison's Yahoo profile lists his "hobby" as TB/AB girls. Additional information on infantilism is available at the understanding infantilism .org website.

The section of the fldaddy04's Yahoo profile titled Latest News lists the following:

I adore everthing about young girls, how they talk, think, act, walk, look. Love to chat about just about anything. Im fun, very understanding, supportive, and never ever judgmental.

and fldaddy04's Favorite Quote:

What a cute little butt!

What a sick little man.


Each of the "interests" listed is a link to a separate Yahoo "Group". Yahoo Groups are member-only sections of Yahoo's website where like-minded individuals share photos, post messages via email and web, and share files and links.

Many of the "groups" listed are actually quite innocent, and appear to have been chosen for the provocative name of the group when viewed in the context of a possible pedophile's profile. "Cherry Popping Daddies" for example is actually a fan group supporting a Eugene, Oregon rock/swing revival band with the same name. The "Dads" appear to be a perfectly normal parenting support group, and "The Young Ones" is a fan group for a 1982 BBC comedy television series.

There are interesting, and perhaps darker, indicators revealed in this listing however. The "Teenagers" group is listed under the Yahoo Groups category of "Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals," and while the current indictment is limited to the under-age sex sting operation in connection with a fictional five-year old girl, this particular choice of group by Atchison -- when I imagine there are many Yahoo groups oriented towards teenagers -- may be a marker for a fetish for teen-aged gay and or lesbian victims of his perversions as well. This is supported by the "Teen Baby" listing under 'hobbies' I cited earlier, and the mention under hobbies that he likes "girls who like girls."

I'm still on Atchison's internet trail, and will have more in an upcoming post that will further reveal the dark side of the Assistant US Attorney from Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Bookmark Wizbang Blue now, and check back later, please. Links and trackbacks to our site are appreciated.

-Lee Ward

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Update: Atchison attempted suicide Thursday (h/t Reel Woman).

A Florida prosecutor who allegedly flew to Michigan to have a sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl has reportedly tried to hang himself in his jail cell.[...]

When a cell mate shouted that Atchison trying to hang himself with a sheet, guards stepped in and stopped him.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (8)

Steve Crickmore:

Good luck Lee, I imagine this guy left quite a trail, but as long as he espoused the party line he was safe. Didn't some of his colleagues have any inkling? I wouldn't be surprised if he was not alone, and there is a much bigger scandal.

Lee Ward:

So far nothing I've uncovered indicates that Atchison trolled the internet from his office -- it appears that he only used his computer at home -- and I read this report yesterday:

"Reliable sources tell us three F.B.I. agents were seen this morning exiting the Atchison home in Gulf Breeze. Among those things impounded: at least one vehicle and, we are told, all the home computer equipment."

I'll bet that is one very revealing hard drive...

Reel Woman:

Thank you so much for the info you've provided. I found your site yesterday and will continue to check back.

BTW, a few minutes ago I read that Atchison attempted to hang himself this morning. Also, his work computer has been isolated and they're awaiting the OK to search it.

Lee Ward:

Thanks, Reel - I've included an update re: Atchison's suicide attempt in the post above. - Lee

Peter F.:

Should have just let him hang.

a nonymous:

This person makes me puke.

It's apparently over.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I have an upcoming post, publishing this coming Monday morning 10/8 I hope, that shows some folks are not convinced the whole story around Atchison's arrest and suicide is known.


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