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Stand up to the Dirty Republican Election Thieves

By now you should know about the dirty trick the Republicans are trying to put on California's 2008 ballot to split our electoral votes proportionally. Under the false guise of reforming the electoral college, their goal is to split California's electoral votes in place of the winner-take-all system that 48 states currently use.

The objective here is pretty transparent. By splitting California's electoral vote while keeping all the big Red states as winner-take-all they are trying to rig the system so a Republican can get elected with a minority of the popular vote (again). We're not going to take this lying down. We need to take this challenge that the Republicans are throwing down and blow it right back in their ugly faces. We need to get out the word to the voting groups who traditionally lean Democratic, African-Americans, Latinos, and women in particular, and explain how this proposition will allow the Republicans to steal another presidential election and give them the shaft.

The Courage Campaign is leading the charge against the fascist Republican pigs. Give them a hand.

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From the Ashes:

Wasnt clinton elected at least once as an electoral victory?


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