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Daddy's Girls: Atchison's Preference For 'Adult Babies' Revealed

Update: After several attempts to take his own life John David Roy Atchison finally succeeded - link.

---original post appears below---
John David Roy Atchison (aka JD Roy Atchison, John David R. Atchison, and Roy Atchison), an Assistant US Attorney from Gulf Breeze, Florida, was charged with interstate travel for the purposes of engaging in illicit sexual contact and using the internet to seek illicit sex.

Both charges stem from a sex-sting operation in which an investigator posed as the mother of a five year-old girl who was offering her daughter to Atchison for a sexual liaison. Atchison, a father with two children himself, took the bait and was arrested when he flew into the Detroit airport last Sunday.

We know from the MySpace and Yahoo profiles that allegedly were created by Atchison that, in addition to his apparent penchant for sex with extremely young children, Atchison also had a fetish for teen and adult females who practice infantilism, which has been described as "Enjoyment from infant-related things. Pretending to be a baby, wearing diapers (see diaper lover, speaking like a child (ie "I sowwy"), sleeping in a crib. Wide range of things, but all infant-related."

In this article I am going to delve into this area a little further than the press has, and pull back the curtain a bit to provide an admittedly slightly salacious peek into Atchison's trail across the internet that was uncovered by my research for a series of articles on Atchison here on Wizbang Blue.

In addition, I will detail two specific instances where Atchison attempted to make contact over the internet with female "Adult Babies," and although there is nothing sexually explicit in what I'm about to describe and illustrate readers are forewarned that the following is suggested for mature audiences only, and your discretion is advised -- especially if you're reading this in a work environment (NSFW).

baby_katie.jpgAt the time its existence was first revealed a few days ago Atchison's MySpace profile listed seven online "friends" (currently there are only five). Among the ones remaining is 'Baby Katie.' Here's a small portion of her MySpace profile in which she provides some background on her diaper-wearing preference:

When I was in my teens babysitting I starred at a diaper long enough untill I put it on. I have loved wearing diapers ever since. My parents found my diapers a few times and had "the talk" with me. I told them I liked wearing them and playing baby when nobody was around. They wanted me to see a shrink and get help and I told them I was perfectly normal. I showed them stuff on the net that there were other people like me, that it was like bondage or leather or wips and chains and stuff.

katie_clip2.jpgShe goes on to describe her purchase of a crib and how much she enjoys sleeping in it, and states that she wears diapers at home all the time -- "I have never used the potty in my apartment," she states proudly. Her profile includes two video clips of adult women in a nursery-like room, dressed and acting like children and wearing diapers.

Whether 'Baby Katie's' profile is accurate or just a hoax isn't important -- what is interesting is that this is what Atchison found appealing -- this apparently was one of the areas of intense sexual interest to him.

Tracking Atchison's trail across the internet lead me to his Yahoo profile, which I documented in a post last week here on WB-Blue. Among the clues I used in tracking Atchison was the IP (Internet Protocol) address, ',' which was listed in the criminal complaint filed against Atchison last Tuesday.

As detailed in the complaint, investigators subpoenaed IP address records from Yahoo -- the internet messenger service used by Atchison in his online chats with undercover investigators involved in the sting that resulted in his arrest -- and it was this IP address that was then tracked to Atchison's home computer.

Tracking Atchison further, I uncovered two instances where Atchison attempted to contact 'Adult Babies' on an Australian internet site which calls itself "Daddy's Girls." The home page of the site offers the following "welcome" message:


My name is Bethan, I'm 28 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am ADULT BABY, however I like to use the term LG (Little girl). This personal site talks about the AB fetish and what it means to me.

The web site features stories and illustrations by Bethan, plus a message board where individuals were allowed to post and reply to messages. It appears that Atchison, using the yahoo email address of fldaddy02 [at] yahoo.com, posted two replies to postings on the message board made by persons representing themselves as female "Adult Babies' interested in making contact with men.

A post from "Keegan" is dated March 29, 2006 and reads as follows:

Posted by Keegan on March 29, 2006 at 13:39 [IP address redacted]

I'm a 5'3, 110lb 23yr old girl that has graduated college, has a normal job with fairly normal friends and a constant supply of good-looking men to occupy my attention...

So I don't know why the idea of having a guy diaper me is so hot. It just seems odd to me. Maybe it's that I have bladder problems anyway- I have constant UTI's and when I was nine years old, my doctor told me that I have endometriosis...a condition that causes extended pressure on the bladder area. So I do have genuine accidents on occasion. I don't wet my pants on purpose. I've had boyfriends in the past that have been understanding of this, but washing sheets at least once a month and throwing panties away is beginning to take it's toll. I'm not really interested in sucking on pacifiers or being diapered 24/7. I still want to feel like a normal girl...but I would love to chat with guys that would be understanding of me. I long for a relationship with a man that would allow me to be diapered at night when I know I've had alot to drink and take care of me when I have accidents. Maybe one day...

Until then, I'd love to chat with some guys about this-


The reply from fldaddy04, posted from the same IP address identified in the criminal complaint as belonging to Atchison's home computer, doesn't reveal much about him -- just that he's interested in making further contact:

Posted by fldaddy on April 16, 2006 at 10:17 []

In Reply to: I'm new to this...am I weird? posted by Keegan on March 29, 2006 at 13:39

Hello Keegan,

Very cool message! Would love to chat with you.

Email: [email protected]

The second posting is dated a little over six months after Atchison's reply to Keegan. In it the author refers to herself as an "LG", infantilism vernacular for "Little Girl", and spends a good deal of time explaining why she enjoys wearing and soiling diapers -- at times taking an almost clinical view of herself and others like her.

Posted by LucyP on October 25, 2006 at 10:12 [IP address redacted]

I don't know about the other LGs on this board, but when I'm in LG mode I want to do all the things I did (as well as all the things I would have liked to have done) when I really *was* little. Yes, I like to be pampered and loved, and to 'get away with it' because I'm so cute. I like not having to worry about things and being looked after. Tidying-up and housework is something LGs just don't do, and that's fine by me too. But most of all I like to make pee-pee and poo-poo in my pants because it feels as nice to do that now as it did then.

And when I was little - even when I wasn't quite so little, right up to about ten or so - I loved wetting and messing my pants. Nappies, trainer pants, little-girl cotton underwear or school knickers - it was all the same to me. Pants were for pooping in.

It's odd, really; I've read a lot about potty-training and children who have 'problems' with wetting, bedwetting or 'soiling' (such a polite way of putting it!). Various causes are advanced - weak muscles, lack of co-ordination, constipation, emotional disturbance, poor concentration, distraction, mental disorders... but no-one ever seems to mention what I'm sure is the commonest reason kids go in their pants: it feels good and they like to do it!

Having 'accidents' in my underwear was something I did all through my childhood. They weren't really 'accidents', of course; I went potty in my pants because I didn't want to stop what I was doing and left it too late, or because I decided it was more important to carry on playing than waste time going off to the bathroom. One of the great things about going toilet in your pants is that you can be doing something else at the same time! Occasionally I pottied my pants because I was told to (stuck in traffic jams or nowhere near a toilet) but most often I went because I wanted to.

To me, having wet or messy pants is an intrinsic part of being 'little' and I find it odd that there are LGs out there who don't do this. I also find it odd that other LGs are trying to loose bladder or bowel control so that they can't help themselves. To me, that's regression to infant status, well beyond being a LG. My sort of LG is more-or-less potty trained but often decides not to be! But an infant always in nappies is not at all the same thing.

Yes, I do like to wear nappies (proper soft, fluffy towelling ones with pink locking pins) and plastic pants, at least at bedtime. In the house, I'll often wear terry-towel training knickers, with or without plastic pants over the top, but sometimes ordinary cotton panties. Sometimes I ask for the potty, and if Dadddy sits me on the toilet with my pants down I'll try and perform... but for the rest of the time, I just go when I need to. Wearing wet or poopy pants never worries me and I'm quite happy to wait until Daddy is ready to change me.

What do ther LGs think/do about this?



Lucy closed with a question posed to other "LG's" but Atchison, writing on November 2, 2006, posts this simple reply:

Posted by fldaddy on November 02, 2006 at 21:28 []

In Reply to: Doing what little girls do posted by LucyP on October 25, 2006 at 10:12

Hi Lucy...that's exactly what I like in a little girl!

No email address, no invitation to contact him, just a note approving of her behavior. Other replies to Lucy's posting are along the same lines -- approving of her behavior and reinforcing it as being "okay."

thumbsuka.jpgOther sections of the Daddy's Girl website reveal more about the site's founder "Bethan." On a page titled "Thumb Sucky Girl" Bethan describes the comfort she receives from sucking her thumb.

I have always sucked my thumb right from the word go and I still do it now. This feels so natural to me that I do it even when I am not thinking about it.

Sucking my thumb is a great comfort and relaxes me completely. I guess a bit like yoga. I often suck my thumb when I am day dreaming or in deep thought and I forget that I am doing it. Its only when someone in a car next to us in a line of traffic or a person sitting opposite to me in a train, gives me an intriguing look, that I remember what I am doing. It's fun though when a guy looks over at me as they often more intrigued. If this happens I continue to suck my thumb to test the reaction and in a way I guess it's a bit like fluttering your eyelids and looking cute in a flirtatious kind of way.

My favorite time to suck my thumb is when I am tired or whatching TV and this is when I am most relaxed. Often I am so relaxed I have an accident in my pants.

Additional pages are illustrated with photographs of baby furniture and infants' "accessories", such as bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and children's books. A full page is dedicated to "Nankie the Comfort Blankie" (her soft cotton blanket). Subsequent pages go into more detailed descriptions of her "acting out" life as a little girl, including descriptions of how her Daddy changes her diaper, and plays horsey by bouncing her on his knee.

Many of the role-playing descriptions include mention of her wetting or soiling her diapers, and there are a few cartoon-like illustrations depicting women dressed as "LG's" topless, although there was nothing sexually explicit in this section beyond these few instances of animation nudity.

gallery01.jpgThe web site has a photo "gallery" in which adult women are depicted posing and role-playing as 'Little Girls.' The nudity is less graphic that what you'd find in a Playboy magazine, without genitalia exposed and in poses which would not be described as explicit. Some of the women posing are drinking from baby bottles, or playing with an infant's toys. Almost all appear in diapers, with a few women shown posing in a plaid parochial school uniform.

One selection in the photo gallery is titled "Daddies and their Princesses" and here adult males are shown diapering and dressing their "LGs", and there is more nudity -- including female gentilia -- but no depictions of any sex acts.

While I didn't look in every corner of the site, the searches I performed using Atchison's yahoo username and his IP address only revealed the two instances shown above where he posted on this site, but the site is quite large, and honestly... I wasn't very comfortable poking around there for long.

I'll post more if and when I uncover anything else. As always, links and trackbacks to Wizbang Blue are appreciated. - Lee Ward.

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Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (13)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, have we established he was a Republican assistant attorney, or are we just assuming it because his profile fits, and he's from a heavily Republican area....I'm just wondering too since his friends and family were so shocked, did he get involved in all of this, as an indirect consequence of his work. His boss, Geoffrey Miller Gregory R. Miller, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, and his superior Attorney-General Gonzales were big on procescuting pedeophilia on the net. Was he introduced to this material because of his 'prosecution duties' and then....as some cops 'go bad', when they come into contact with traffickers because of their anti-drug squad work.

Lee Ward:

Lots of people are assuming he's Republican, and he certainly fits the profile of the typical "family values" hypocrite that we've seen so often -- and for what it's worth he appears to have been hired into the DOJ during Ronald Reagan's adminstration -- hard to imagine Reagan's folks not requiring allegiance to the Gipper and his GOP...

...but so far the only real evidence I've uncovered is strictly anecdotal -- a couple of reports from individuals on web site comment threads who claim to have seen voter registration records for Gulf Breeze, Florida that list Atchison as a Republican.

I'd say the jury is still out on this, but I'd put money on him being a Republican, yes.

Your theory that he may have been "turned on" while on the job is interesting -- let's watch for that defense when comes to trial. I've come across a few legal case records on which he's listed as counsel, and none of those were sex or child pornography-related cases, but I can't claim to know much about what his work entailed in the DOJ, so I'd have to say I really don't know the answer to that question.

Steve Crickmore:

Now, we are mainly getting Republican sex scandals, but surprisingly without the sex..I sometimes wonder whether this is because that other sex scandals (if true) would be too lurid to be splashed on the front pages..The Atchison case may be so embarassing it may have to be buried, even though he may not be proved he actually had sex with under-aged. I 've been looking at a few other Republican sex scandals, and they have have been killed because either they are so bizarre that much of the sexual detail, but not all, may be untrue, or simply too embarrassing to be believed or even denied.

I remember Freud early in the century was so crucified by the public and academia, after giving one solitary public lecture on child molestation, based on his interviews and examination of victims in Viennese hospitals, that because of the outrage, he had to change his entire theory that it was not actual molestation that was occurring, as was correct, but it was only the childrens' oedipal-like dreams of having sex (which pyschologists know now is hogwash).

Now 100 years later, no one is surprised that the GOP hierarchy don't want their closet doors opened, otherwise the public would lose complete faith with them as moral humbugs.


I too, was at first sickened by this creature. When the myspace site came out, I thought "Yeah, he really is a sick f*ck." Then the Yahoo profile and the hi5 page. One thing I noticed is the hi5 "john" sent messages to his "friends" 3 hours (7pm Sunday CDT) after Atchison was arrested (around 5pm Sunday EST)...check for yourself. The criminal complaint document and grand jury indictment can be view on miamiherald . com posted on 9-23-07 (directly under picture) & here's the hi5 site http://www.hi5.com/friend/12009245--John--Profile-html
Which makes me wonder if someone else set him up. Maybe the wife or one of the kids who saw his myspace page and thought "this is too sick, kinda like a pedophile, I'll show him", or possibly a political fight...(to the extreme), could this man really be innocent, and if so...why attempt suicide, and lets not forget the possession of Dora the doll and the vaseline (unless wife helped pack.) hmmmmm
I'm very confused about my belief of guilt or innocence on this case, but the one thing I'm not confused about is...If this man is guilty, I'll bring the gasoline and marshmallows and you can bring the chocolate and graham crackers.....we can set his sorry a$$ on fire and make smores.

Lee Ward:

I haven't spent any time investigating the "hi5" page, and can't speak to it's accuracy or authenticity.

From everything else I've seen and read I believe they have the right guy in Atchison.


The Hi5 website is mentioned in the affidavit from the FBI as where Atchison "saw the profile" of the "mother with minor children who is interested in allowing men to have sex with her children"
I've also researched fldaddy (without the 04)and found multiple sites that are sex/fetish related with users signing in with this username. Some are obviously not Atchison, others would need more detailed research to prove/disprove. And with so much media it wouldn't suprise me if some sicko's out there are creating pages with this name just to keep the drama going.

Lee Ward:

That's certainly a possibility. On the postings I documented in this post I was able to verify they came from Atchison's home computer through the IP address. Without some verification of that sort, it could be anyone posting using Atchison's yahoo username and email address.

I think it's highly unlikely that any of Atchison's relatives used his computer to post phony messages in his name. After all, it was JD Atchison that showed up in the Detroit airport.

And the FBI reportedly has his home computer, and I bet they will find lots more evidence on that hard drive.


You have a very good point. What are the odds he would be travelling to the same place the sting was set up. Even if someone knew he was scheduled to take this flight for another reason, it would be next to impossible to find such a "perfect scenario" to set up their plot, or to have it set up and CONVINCE him to travel to Michigan for........? It still baffles me about that hi5 profile sending messages after his arrest. Can't wait for more (official) info to emerge.

Lee Ward:

Are you sure the timestamp wasn't GMT (-5:00)?


Not sure, but Atchisons home is CDT, "john" sent messages to several "friends" minutes apart: Agata-Ohio 6:59 pm EDT, Alison-Wisconson 7:00 pm CDT, Caro-Paris, France 7:05 pm ?time zone, Jane-Rushville, ? 7:13 pm. So I feel like the time displayed would be from wherever "john" was based, not the time of the receiver. Also the messages being several minutes apart shows they were sent individually, not as a bundle (automatic). I will continue to search, there may be another Hi5 site from which Atchison was using, and the one released by the media (which is almost word for word from the MySpace site) could be one of those copy cat sites to encourage his guilt posted after the fact and back dated somehow.

Lee Ward:

Usually web sites timestamps are based on one time zone, regardless of where the person is who does the postng. I'm on the west coast but my comment, and yours and everyone else's here on Wizbang Blue, are all timestamped for Eastern time.


Yes, when I post here it's EDT, but on Hi5 its CDT and Hi5 website appears to be from CA (PDT) but times are shown as CDT which is part of the confusion.

greenredblack[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I noticed the same comments Donna. It was a tangential series of events from me discovering the profile and being aghast, to me looking at some of his friends, and being MORE aghast, and finally, to me wanting to see if he'd left any comments at all. I then noticed the times sent. They are about 8 hours from when his flight took off, so even if there was a 5 hour difference between time zones, it' wouldn't explain these comments. I'm not saying there ISN'T an explanation, it's just interesting to me. Also, the profile wasn't likely created during the flurry of press about this case for two reasons: 1) who would be capable of creating this profile, (which would include knowing about atchison's yahoo e-mail, hacking into it, using it to create this hi5 profile, add 178 friends, and leave comments on many of them), but more importantly, there is a comment on this profile from 06/06/2005! This means the profile would have to have existed for more than 2 years. Now, honestly, I don't knowa whole lot about computers, and I don't know how possible it would be to create falsifications like this, presuming this 2 year old comment IS false. Otherwise, it's legit.

I suppose someone could have hacked into his Hi5 profile and left the comments. I don't know.

By the way, I'm not presuming he's innocent at all (although, it is still rather ambiguous what the intentions were of the trip. he seemed so obsessed with women who act like children, it would make sense for him to be looking for that kind of experience, which, from what i read in this article, seems totally dependant on play-acting/role-playing), i'm just interested in this aspect of it.


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