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Fictitious Syrian Nukes Buttress Neocon War Agenda


Uh oh. Here they go again. The Times Online is reporting that the recent Israeli raid in Syria was directed at a nascent nuclear weapons program:

Israeli commandos from the elite Sayeret Matkal unit - almost certainly dressed in Syrian uniforms - made their way stealthily towards a secret military compound near Dayr az-Zawr in northern Syria. They were looking for proof that Syria and North Korea were collaborating on a nuclear programme.

Israel had been surveying the site for months, according to Washington and Israeli sources. President George W Bush was told during the summer that Israeli intelligence suggested North Korean personnel and nuclear-related material were at the Syrian site.

Today the site near Dayr az-Zawr lies in ruins after it was pounded by Israeli F15Is on September 6. Before the Israelis issued the order to strike, the commandos had secretly seized samples of nuclear material and taken them back into Israel for examination by scientists, the sources say. A laboratory confirmed that the unspecified material was North Korean in origin. America approved an attack.

Gee, I wonder just what "sources" are behind this latest fiction about an Arab country ostensibly seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. Something tells me it's the same crowd of delusional, war-mongering neocons who suckered us into the war in Iraq with a similar pack of lies. The account that they planted in the news media is now being vigorously disputed as reported by Raw Story:

Israel did not strike a nuclear weapons facility in Syria on Sept. 6, instead striking a cache of North Korean missiles, current and former intelligence officials say.

American intelligence sources familiar with key events leading up to the Israeli air raid tell Raw Story that what the Syrians actually had were North Korean No-Dong missiles, possibly located at a site in either the city of Musalmiya in the northern part of Syria or further south around the city of Hama.

I encourage you to read the whole story and this editorial that explains how we are being played by the neocons.

As insane warmonger Charles Krauthammer reveals, this really isn't about Syria at all, but rather about Iran. The fabricated allegations of a Syrian nuclear weapons program are being used as a clever marketing device to promote an attack on Iran either by the US or Israel. The neocons may be trying to precipitate an Israeli-Syrian clash as a dry run for a later attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. What better way to test out the plan than with convenient and less well-defended Syrian targets that are just a short flying distance from Israel.

I do agree with Krauthammer about one thing: that the region seems to veering dangerously towards a new war that would involve Israel and Syria and possibly America and Iran. Neocons in the US are heavily invested in promoting a new and bloodier conflict in order to vindicate their disastrously poor judgment on Iraq. They reason that by expanding the bloodshed to terrifying new levels they might be able to recapture control of American foreign policy that has been slipping from their fingers since the 2006 elections. Their plans for maintaining their grip on power in the US depend on instilling fear deep in the hearts and minds of the American people in order to bury any sort of rational discourse that would question whether all of this is really necessary for American (not Israeli) national security.

On the other side, the Iranian "neocons" continue to brazenly exploit the massive strategic opportunity that has opened up for them with the toppling of the regime of Saddam Hussein and the ascendancy of Hezbollah as the dominant power in a Lebanon vacated by Syrian forces. They've never had it so good since the American neocons came to power here.

Let's face it folks: the lunatics are in charge of both sides here (America and Iran) and we're the ones caught in the middle.

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Larkin, glad you caught the Raw Story article from last night. Excellent post.

Don't hold your breath looking for an update over on Wizbilge Main re propagandist Jay Tea's slavish & dutiful Kraphammer/Podhoretz ass-sucking post of 9-18, http://wizbangblog.com/content/2007/09/18/the-deafening-silence.php raising mushroom clouds over the ME.

You won't find that sort of correction that risks disruption of the kook right's march to further world-wide bloodletting.

Jay Tea & like-minded kook righters willingly risk the completion of The Chimp's initiative to destroy the 21st Century w/ their chest thumping, jack-booted march to a jingoistic drumbeat for war on Iran.

God help the world if Der Führer Rudy & his neo-con advisor, Podhoretz, ever get their hands on the reins of power.



Your thoughts above sound quite possibly like the machinations of which Darth Cheney is capable. And Drag Queen, Mdm. Rudy, with Podhoretz in tow, could finish the remaining agenda should she/he ever manage to grab power in 2008.


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