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More Buffoonery from the Right Wing Buffoons

This last weekend Wizbang Blue's Paul Hooson posted an excellent piece on Über Lobbyist Rick Berman -- lobbyist extraordinaire -- which details specifically several front organizations founded and supported by Berman who, for a fat fee -- will set up a phony non-profit corporation and tell America whatever you want him to say. Just keep the checks coming and you'll get all the lying support you want.

And as if right on cue, Jim Addison, resident monkey butt at Wizbang, writes an entire post quoting one of Berman's phony fronts! See "Not your father's leg-breaking goons . . ." an anti-union spew aimed at discrediting the United Autoworkers strike against GM launched early Monday,

Addison the Addled embraces Berman's anti-union mouthpiece Tim Miller, who writes for one of lobbyist Berman's phony web sites that calls itself "Union Facts," taking the phony bait hook, line and stinker... and thinking it's real!

So in one short 24 hour period we have Wizbang Paul the Putz thinking that Giuliani's NRA Phone Call is the real deal, then we get Newt Gingrich repeating a joke as if it was fact because his Liberal Derangement Syndrome won't let him know the difference --even after he was told it was a joke -- and now we're treated to Jim Addison's display of buffoonery, swallowing a lobbyist's line of BS as if it were fact.

When did the Republicans lose their marbles? I guess all of the intelligent folks have moved towards the center, and the far right base that remains are really -- well, "basic" folks.

Wow, it makes you wonder what these Conservative Republicans will come up with next.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (2)


Way to go Lee...great expose.

One can see from the votes that several Wizpukes from Dogpile Central have cruised by to vote down this post, and, no surprise, given what you have exposed.

Keep up the good work & you should forward this over to Jay Turd...err Tea so that he can ruminate about the silliness over on Wizpuke Central.

Lee Ward:

Since most of the Wizbang trolls have had their IPs banned here on Wizbang Blue and can't comment, clicking the one star rating on my posts is one of the few masturbatory exercises they can practice on this side of the aisle.


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