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Neocons Attempt to Derail Talks With North Korea


The objectives of the neocons with their fabrication of a story about North Korea transferring nuclear weapons technology to Syria are pretty transparent. Here's what former (and uncomfirmed) UN Ambassador from the US John Bolton says:

North Korea immediately condemned the raid, an action that raises this question: What is it about a raid in Syria that got Kim Jong Il's attention?

...and then Bolton gives us the plainly obvious answer:

Pyongyang's interest in the raid may be evidence of secret nuclear cooperation between the regime and Syria.

Bolton is arguing that Pyongyang's rapid denunciation of the recent Israeli strike on Syria is proof that North Korea has been transferring nuclear weapons technology to Syria. Quite a remarkable leap in logic wouldn't you say?

Then, Bolton goes further to implicate Iran:

Iran's increasing hegemony over Syria makes Syrian-North Korean cooperation in nuclear matters unlikely without its consent.

Of course! It obviously follows that the Iranians must be behind the North Korea's transfer of nuclear technology to Syria which is proven by their statement condemning the Israeli raid that in all likelihood destroyed a shipment of non-nuclear ballistic missiles from North Korea.

If you don't understand this, then you are not thinking like a neocon. The key here is that you have to take any event that occurs and twist it into a rationale for war with Iran and its alleged proxy Syria.

But why stop there? Bolton continues:

Most chillingly, the United States and Israel must now ask whether the Iranian and North Korean nuclear challenges can be resolved in isolation from one another.

Again, it obviously follows that since North Korea protested the Israeli raid that the United States and Israel must now confront the "challenge" from North Korea and Iran. How Israel is expected to confront North Korea is beyond my comprehension. Why the United States should get ourselves embroiled militarily in whatever conflict between Israel and Syria/Iran is brewing is equally incomprehensible. Aren't the Israelis capable of defending themselves? Of course they are.

Who can possibly believe this complete BS? Yes, yes, I know these guys obviously, but I'm talking about sensible and rational human beings not the embittered and angry right-wing lunatic fringe that has seen their glorious dreams of empire crumble to dust in the sands of Mesopotamia.

Bolton's mindless diatribe continues:

What the Israeli attack highlights, however -- even if it does not prove conclusively for now -- is that North Korea is a global threat.

Global threat you say? Apparently, Bolton is arguing that the alleged transfer of North Korean nuclear technology makes them a threat to US national security.

Let's see now, we have absolutely no evidence that North Korea has transferred nuclear technology, but we do have Pakistan admitting that it transferred nuclear weapons technology to other countries through AQ Khan's operation. But does Bolton consider Pakistan a global threat?

Of course not. Why? Because Pakistan is open for business to US corporations. It's only those countries that aren't open for business and do not spread nuclear weapons technology that are a global threat.

Bolton continues and exposes one of their real goals of this fabricated and fanciful story:

If the North is engaging in nuclear cooperation with Syria, the Feb. 13 agreement should be terminated. How much more evidence of mendacity do we need before we wake up? In fact, the Feb. 13 agreement is now merely a slogan.

That's right. Besides preparing the US for war with Iran and Syria, the neocons desperately want to derail the recent agreements with North Korea. They want to see the Tomahawks flying across the DMZ and they will be satisfied with nothing less.

And think about this for a minute. This entire chain of reasoning rests upon the fact that the North Koreans immediately condemned the Israeli raid. That's enough proof for us to go to war with three countries: Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Pure neoconservative madness on display for all to see.

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