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America's Protected Rogue Company, Blackwater Runs Amok in Iraq

Yesterday, President Bush gave his sanctimonious 'phonetic' address to the UN General Assembly about 'the universality of human rights where the ''mission of the United Nations requires liberating people from tyranny and violence'' and provides a challenge to the free world leaders (like Bush) "who are willing to take the harsh steps necessary to spread liberty." No one can make 'spreading liberty' sound quite so terrifying as Bush can.

Indeed, one of those harsh steps 'to spread liberty' willingly taken in Iraq, was to ignore a possible UN blue helmet force and to contract a mercenary army like Blackwater USA, from North Carolina whose operations in Iraq, would not be accountable to the US Constitution or the Iraqi Constitution, or heaven forbid to the UN, but only to the US executive branch, and then only at the Bushies discretion. Hey nice work if you can get it, and of course Blackwater have gotten lots of it.

Thanks to Bremer who on the the second to last day of his term, passed Order 17, what Iraqis call 'the law', freedom for foreigners was, not in any way liable to Iraqi law or jurisdiction, ever. From Bush's 'Free World and Welcome to it'

Order 17 is a document well worth reading. It essentially granted to every foreigner in the country connected to the occupation enterprise the full freedom of the land, not to be interfered with in any way by Iraqis or any Iraqi political or legal institution. Foreigners -- unless, of course, they were jihadis or Iranians -- were to be "immune from any form of arrest or detention other than by persons acting on behalf of their sending States.
Of course, when the proverbial 'sh..t hit the fan' with Blackwater's bloody Sunday the State Dept., who along with the Pentagon have the biggest and freeest 'rules of engagement' contracts with Blackwater, are now refusing Congressional oversight/Waxman questions of the contracts, on the grounds of national security. Rice won't answer any questions at all about Blackwater and other State officials will only answer questions in closed session. And the Pentagon, it is unwilling to entertain the idea of overseeing Blackwater because they are so reckless.."Given their record of recklessness," said a senior U.S. commander, "I'm not sure any senior military officer here would want responsibility for them."

I wonder what kind of behavior Bremer and his handlers (Cheney, Rumsfeld?) expected from people not bound by any law who had immunity from prosecution? Had they ever read any history, of the West's brutal colonization or even a work of fiction like the 'Lord of the Flies? I doubt it, and I doubt if they cared?..No wonder Rice's State Department is now running around in circles, to cover up for Blackwater's numerous bloody incidents and even the story of suspicious selling of arms to terrorists, (Iran Contra gate style) by a few of Blackwater's employees.

We can be thankful our founding fathers' rejected the idea of immunity from prosecution in the US constitution, but they had just resisted an authoritarian government, rather than tried to refashion one in Washington, and another in extraterritorial Iraq as the present incumbents are.

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frank burns:

Fire them? No no, put them in jail, in Iraqi jail where they can sit for years thinking aobut the innocent lives they have recklessly taken, and how far down they have pushed the American war effort. After that, Impeach Bush -- he and Cheney are big Blackwater sponsors -- he has their fat directors out all the time for BBQs at his ranch in Crawford.


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