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Decline and Fall of the Republican Party

I love it. Politico has the numbers:

At the end of August, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported only $1.6 million cash on hand, with $4 million in debt. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, by comparison, had banked over $22 million, with only $3 million in debt.

In other words, the Congressional Democrats have a surplus of $19 million while the Republicans have a deficit of $2.4 million. I love those numbers.

Senatorial Democrats also have a big lead in fundraising:

The DSCC raised a total of $36.7 million from Jan. 1 through the end of August; the NRSC reported 2007 year-to-date receipts of $20.5 million. The DSCC also had a big cash-on-hand advantage as August ended, with $20.6 million in available funds to deploy in a handful of races for Republican seats in states where the GOP faces difficult challenges in 2008. The NRSC -- defending a total of 22 seats to the Democrats' 12 and burdened by a widespread perception that they are unlikely to win back a Senate majority next year -- ended August with $7.1 million cash-on-hand.

But it gets even better. The American people continue to view Democrats much more favorably than Republicans according to a Gallup poll:

According to Gallup's annual Governance survey, conducted Sept. 14-16, 2007, the Democratic Party enjoys a 15-point lead over the Republicans in overall favorability, 53% vs. 38%.

Democrats have a 20-point advantage on the question of which party would do a better job of keeping the country prosperous. Democrats enjoy a 5-point advantage on the question of national security which has been a traditional Republican strength.

But will this translate to Congressional races next year? According to Rasmussen it will:

Democrats have opened an eighteen point lead in the Generic Congressional ballot. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that, if the Congressional Election were held today, 50% of American voters say they would vote for the Democrat in their district. Just 32% would opt for the Republican. A month ago, the Democrats lead was just ten percentage points, 47% to 37%.

The Republican Party is bereft of ideas, absent of moral authority, nearly bankrupt, and deeply reviled by a huge swath of the American electorate. They are certainly down, but not quite out. We need to keep kicking them as hard as we can to push them over the edge into collapse and outright disintegration. It can be done; it has happened before in American politics that one of the two major parties has literally ceased to exist. Read about the Whigs if you don't believe me.

To accomplish this worthy objective we clearly need to retake the White House in 2008. With spreading retirements of Republicans in the House we look well on our way to expanding our advantage in that body. In the Senate, we are certain to pick up some seats and a filibuster-proof majority is within our sights.

In race after race, the Republicans are finding it difficult to recruit strong candidates while Democrats are having no problem at all. Many of the newly elected Democratic freshmen in the House and raising tons of money and look set to cruise to reelection; some of them in Republican-leaning districts.

And with a slew of presidential candidates all irrevocably committed to perpetuating Bush's failed war in Iraq for decades we are guaranteed to take back the presidency. Things are looking good for us, but we've got to keep the pressure on.

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Comments (6)

Lee Ward:

Absolutely spot-on reporting and analysis, Larkin. What a great way to start the day this morning...

Dennis P. Skea:

General comment: the Dems STILL SUCK, but the Repubs lost me on Immigration, and I won't give them any money till they change their position.

Lee Ward:

You mean they'll have to lie to you again to get you to open your checkbook? Not too bright...

Dennis P. Skea:

No money until they PRODUCE. No more BS promises. I'm starting to think libertarian.

Steve Crickmore:

If they were smart, the Republicans would throw up a major Presidential candidate who looked like he was living in the 21st centuryand acknowledge global warming, a health plan, non sexual orientation discrimination in the armed forces such as in Israel or the UK, a lowering of temperature in the Middle East..Its still a car wreck going off the cliff with the driver looking backwards...Reading Wisbang classic has been instructive since like the Republicans in general, there has been very little movement to the center on any of the key issues even as the demographics or social attitudes are changing.

On immigration, illegal immigrants don't socialize or live with the country club set, it's not a problem for Bush's home constituency or the Republican leaders; in fact immigrants provide alot of their help.

Lee Ward:

Steve, if they did that -- actually found a 21st century candidate, the conservative base would stay home on election day, whining and pouting that they were just not going to vote for someone who believes that the world didn't start with adam and eve... boo hoo!

The GOP is stuck with the base that they fed, nurtured and grew into the spoiled, racist , bigoted monster we see now - and it's so fitting they the GOP is drowning under the weight of that albatross....


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