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Al Gore's Speech at the United Nations 9/24/07 (Audio - 19:25)

Al Gore, speaking at the U.N. Summit last Monday, September 24, 2007:


Click the black triangle to play the audio file.

You can download an mp3 copy of the audio file at this link.

The Republicans and their political operatives continue their desperate effort to lie and smear Gore over his campaign to make the world aware and informed on the issue of climate change simply because this issue is yet another example of President Bush's failure in leadership -- and the GOP wants to keep that news under wraps until after the 2008 election. Meanwhile Bush will make meaningless PR efforts at acknowledging Global Warming while continuing to underplay its seriousness.

Gore isn't making these facts up. Listen to his speech. In it he cites example after example of the changes which are taking place, and does an excellent job of explaining why these changes are occurring.

You can listen to the facts, or choose to listen to the oil companies' paid shills instead...

The world's nations listened to what Gore had to say. Given what's at stake, isn't it worth 20 minutes of your time to become better informed and in a position to decide for yourself?

Not many years from now our children will ask us one of two questions.

Either, in looking back upon the beginning of this century, they will ask...

"What were you thinking?"

"Why didn't you act?"

"Didn't you care?"

Or they will ask a second question... the one I much prefer them to ask.

"How did you find the moral courage to rise and solve this crisis that so many said was impossible to solve?"

That is the choice we must make now. Not with our promises, but with our actions.

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Really terrible that just because of a butterfly ballot, instead of a man of great wisdom, courage, and foresight we got a damn chimp running the country, someone who'd prefer reading about pet goats!


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