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Is Bill O'Reilly Mentally Ill?

Watch this clip and you'll likely come to the same conclusion I did. It's more than a rhteorical question.

The Aha! moment comes after Olbermann points out that O'Reilly claims his remarks were "taken out of context", and asks "If that were the case why doesn't O'Reilly play the tape in full context on his television show?"

O'Reily biogrpaher Marvin Kittman, who has many favorable things to say about O'Reilly in his book, responds: "The context may be worse than the excerpts of it, and he would look even more unhinged if we actually heard what he was saying."

Kitman, who interviewed O'Reily 29 times in preparation for his book, goes on to conclude: "I think he's on the verge of having a breakdown. I think he needs psychiatric help."

Is the conservative right in America worshiping a media idol who is coming apart at the seams? If his on-air rants stem from the mind of a mentally ill person, what does that say about the audience who hangs on and worships his every word?

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O'Reilly is right.

Our media tries to distort the image of blacks in the United States. They want us to believe that if you go into a part of town that is dominated by black folks all you will see is "ganstas" and "ho's". Instead, what you see is normal folk going about their lives.

Juan Williams agrees with Bill.

Another question, this one rhetorical: Has Olbermann gone off the deep end?


Is Marvin Kitman some kind of psychiatrist?

You aren't suggesting that one can define a mentally ill person politically, or (assuming the worst) if he behaves in a demagogic manner? Was Marat mentally ill as well?


My first thought about the title of this thread was, "projection?"

Lee Ward:

Ah yes, Baggi bags it - it's the eeeevil MSM's fault - they distort the images of blacks and BillO was just trying to set the record straight when he put his foot in his mouth and let his bigotry show. lol!

"My first thought about the title of this thread was, "projection?""

Congratulations, Mitchell - from what I've seen you rarely have a thought, period - more like brain farts (and this one was close) -- so your first thought is indeed something to celebrate. Thanks for sharing the good news.

and Jim... Kitman is O'Reilly's biographer - he interviewed Bill 29 times.

After 29 interviews I strongly suspect that Kitman knows BillO better than Juan Williams, and I bet you don't have any problem swallowing what Williams said about BillO? - I've witnessed the entire right wing conservative blogosphere swallow on that one - eeewww... They conveniently forget that Williams is a 10 year co-employee of Fox News.

Ooops - facts again - my bad!

You'd have to actually think and reason to takes these facts a draw a conclusion - something you seem reluctant to do - but work on it and get back to us, m'kay?

When you've mastered this whole "reasoned deduction" thing teach Baggi how it's done. He just keeps dropping his pants and pooping without actually contributing, and he's awfully close to being deleted again.


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