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Go Rudy! Go Rudy! Go Rudy!

The front runner in the pack of old white men competing for the Republican nomination for president has a busy, busy schedule. He's too busy to debate, but nonetheless knows his priorities when it comes to minorities in America. Rudy Giuliani could care less about black voters. No questions about that.

You Go Rudy!

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staying at a hotel which has a filter on the computer called "Sitecoach".

I tried to access your "parent" blog and a message came up saying something to the effect-

Access denied this content considered harmful to a young public.\\FORBIDDEN KEYWORD [H-MONGERS- edited by Lee].

Would leave the message over there but obviously cannot.

milyary.com was also banned but not for the reason of "H-mongering" [edited by Lee]...

Now which of your fellow bloggers do you consider to be a "hh-monger"? [edited by Lee]

Also realize that you were given pretty much free reign over there to comment yet you ban regulars over here.

Youv'e probably helpe de-popularize the site with your patent lack of unfairness.

Whatever par for the course free speech for you and not anyone elese...

Or are you going to rethink things?

Lee Ward:

"Would leave the message over there but obviously cannot."

I'll relay this to Wizbang webmaster. Also - I had to edit the word you used that trips the nanny software at your IP location since you wrote the word on this page and therefore can't access this page to see my reply - lol.

In effect, you made this page inaccessible by complaining and using the word that made their page inaccessible.

So let's call the mongering of hate "H-mongering" for now...

"Now which of your fellow bloggers do you consider to be a "H-monger"?

Well, for starters, how about the right wing conservative H-Mongers that call their website the "H-monger's quarterly". It's their post on the Wizbang site that is triggering the nanny software.

"Also realize that you were given pretty much free reign over there to comment yet you ban regulars over here.".

Wrong. I was routinely deleted, by almost all of the Wizbang writers at one time or another, and to this day Wizbang writers routinely delete comments made by our writers and other liberal commenters.

There is no free speech on this or any other web site, Rory. You're here as a guest. Crap on my rug and I'll throw you out the door.

Lately there have been a large number of trolls from Wizbang coming over here and crapping on our rugs - and they've been banned - and the majority of them invite the banning when, after being warned once or twice, they give me the "yeah go ahead and ban me you asshole" speech.

It's hard to resist an invitation like that.

The latest banning was Wizbang troll "marc" - who has since tried to circumvent the banning 4 or 5 times, and been caught and banned repeatedly because of that.

If the Wizbang writers are giving you a different story, they're lying.


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