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Hillary Clinton Could Win Huge Electoral Vote Landslide

Although the first of primary season main events are still about 13 weeks away, set for early in January, the most likely candidate to win both the Democratic nomination and general election, Hillary Clinton, could win a huge electoral vote landslide, although only winning the popular vote by 7 or 8 points over either Fred Thompson or Rudolph Giuliani.

Evidence from polling from Rasmussen reports suggests that Clinton could break through in the South and win in Arkansas and Florida, and possiby in Virgina and Missouri as well. Former Democratic stronghold West Virgina could come back into play as well. The Republican lock on the once solid South could be broken again in 2008.

Ohio is a critical state for either the Democratic or Republican nominee. Should Clinton win there, then she'll be the next president. Clinton can also expect to big up big wins in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan as well.

Iowa in the MidWest should likely tip back to the Democrats in 2008. And Wisconsin and Minnesota are both near sure deals for Democrats as well in 2008.

Nevada and New Mexico should join the Western states of California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii as Western wins for the Democrats, leaving smaller states like Utah, North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming as certain wins for the GOP nominee, whether it be either Thompson or Giuliani.

It makes little difference whether the Republicans choose either Giuliani or Thompson. Either one will likely lose by Clinton by seven or more points, as well as face a huge electoral vote loss as well. At this point in time based on current polls from Rasmussen, CNN, FOX and other sources, the Republicans will be hard pressed to win in 2008. Even Newt Gingrich believes that the Republicans are most likely to lose.

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Comments (5)

Paul Hamilton:

The swiftboating of Hillary will make what happened to Kerry look like a Sunday School picnic. And her presence on the ticket would bring all the radical Republicans out to vote even if their candidate was someone like Rudy whom they didn't really like.

Hello, Paul Hamiliton. Many powerful woman have won power in the shadow of their powerful husband's. Clinton is very tough and steely. I'd expect her to kick back twice as hard against any likely "swiftboating" tactics and "take no prisoners" in her counterattacks.

Lee Ward:

Hamiton makes an excellent point, Hillary is a lightning rod and she has plenty of baggage/targets trailing behind her, but whichever candidate we put up there is going to get that treatment.

I think Hillary will survive it better than any others, we know she's toug enough...

and who knows what skeletons are lurking in Obama's closet, or Richardson, etc. Better to take the devil we know, and know she's able and capable of defending herself, than to risk it all on the one we don't know?

Gore is the only candidate I'd choose over Hillary form a standpoint of electability and he's not running - and, I'm afraid, he's become rather two dimesnional vis a vis global warming. I'm not sure he could stay focused on everything esle given his passion for the environment. Ya know...?

Lee Ward:

"I also find it hard to believe that the rabid right-wingers still get so excited about Hillary after all these years. I mean, what exactly did she DO to them to earn the animosity she gets?"

THEY (*wink) are trying hard to convince us to choose another candidate because they know she's unbeatable, and they are getting plenty of help.

Paul Hamilton:

P Hooson: I hope you're right. Kerry tried to be a nice guy and rise above the gutter and all it got him was defeated. The Clintons, historically, have never failed to respond to attacks, but the depth and bredth of Hillary Derangement Syndrome among Republicans is really amazing. And there has not been a significant reduction in her negatives since she officially started her run for office. It's true that a large portion of that number are people who wouldn't vote for a Dem under any circumstances, but I worry about how a really strong personal campaign against her might suppress or switch the undecided vote.

Larkin: It doesn't have to be anything new. There are some folks who have never paid attention, and most of the stuff has been in the political sources rather than the mainstream media, or it's stuff that people have forgotten. The campaign would consist of creating a meme that the Clintons in general are corrupt and untrustworthy. If Thompson gets the nomination and runs as Daddy-in-Chief, that could be an effective message.

Lee: No candidate is unbeatable. Look at Thomas Dewey. And as I said above, Hillary starts with the kind of negatives which historically doom a candidacy before it even gets off the ground. Admittedly the Pub field is weak and the party itself is badly split, but I'd never underestimate the ability of the Pubs to conduct an effective dirty campaign.


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