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Giuliani Role in California Electoral Vote Scam Under Scutiny

California Democrats are fighting mad about Rudy Giuliani's involvement in the plot to split our electoral votes as reported by the Chronicle:

"How is it that every single person associated with the scheme had a link to Rudy Giuliani?" asked Peter Ragone, a Democratic strategist and spokesman for Californians for Fair Election Reform, which worked quickly and furiously to counter the Republican-bankrolled measure.

How indeed? How indeed did Rudy Giuliani's top fundraiser find himself drawn to participate in a California proposition that would have rigged the electoral college system in favor of the Republicans? Why exactly was a New York hedge fund operator and shyster lawyer who makes his money by bilking poor African nations out of millions of dollars which he then contributes to Republican candidates funding this initiative and why did he try and cover up his identify as I detailed in yesterday's post?

Democrats are coming out swinging against this brazen attempt to disenfranchise California voters and steal the election:

The complaints, made by Californians for Fair Election Reform, accuse Giuliani, through his friend Paul Singer, of establishing a Missouri "front" organization to solicit illegal donations to support a ballot measure that would overturn California's winner-take-all system of allocating electoral votes.


Singer's contribution, said James Harrison, the attorney who filed the complaint, raises questions about potential money laundering, illegal coordination between a candidate and an independent committee, and whether federal contribution limits were exceeded.

The Republicans, of course, have no real desire to get rid of the Electoral College. They did nothing about it while they controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency. The Electoral College is much more likely to work in their favor than against them because of the Republican Party's strength in a number of small western states where every vote cast has more weight in the Electoral College than the votes of people who live in populous states like California. Therefore, they have no interest in abolishing it, they only want to rig it so it will be even more likely to give them the result they want: a president who wins office with an electoral vote majority but a popular vote minority. Paly Voice further details the Republican duplicity:

Republicans just coincidentally chose California, the most populated state in the US, and consequently, that with the most electoral votes, all of which currently belong to Democrats, to first launch their initiative.

Furthermore, they coincidentally chose one of the few states which holds popular referendums, in which the state legislature can be bypassed in creating laws. Thus, Republicans have the opportunity to beguile the people of California into voting for an unfair initiative through ambiguous initiative names and through the profession of false motives for the Republicans own gain.


More importantly, this initiative is strictly and blatantly unconstitutional. Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution clearly states that "each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors." Thus, this popular referendum, with the intention of allowing the general populace to determine the nature of the electors' appointments to the Electoral College, is strictly unconstitutional, as it oversteps the explicit powers granted to the state legislature under the Constitution.

Dirty pool by anyone's definition. And the question remains: what did Rudy know about this, and when did he know it? The voters of California want to know and we're not going to let this story quietly fade away.

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