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Ron Paul Shocks the GOP Establishment


Marc Ambinder sums up Ron Paul's surprising showing in the money race:

Oh me of little faith. Ron Paul cannot be dismissed as a gadfly; the chance for him to outperform expectations rises exponentially with additional million dollars he raises. 5.08m is real money. There must be, within the Republican Party, a vein of anti-war libertarian sentiment. It is longer and deeper than many of us had suspected. The Paul movement is probably one part Buchanan bridage and one part fiscal hawk. It is clearly active in ways that most of us haven't adequately understood? Paul may be in a position to be a giant killer now. Imagine if he finishes second or third in New Hampshire ....

Paul's level of fundraising puts him on a par with first-tier candidates like Bill Richardson and John McCain and only about $2 million behind John Edwards. Paul's popularity has put the fright into the GOP party establishment according to Free Market News:

It is not enough that seemingly every state that can is desperately moving up primary contest dates to as close to January 1, 2008 as possible in the hopes of derailing the momentum that presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) will derive from a good New Hampshire finish. Now the GOP in many states has apparently taken to shutting down the possibility that Independents or Democrats can vote for Ron Paul in the GOP primary.

It shouldn't be surprising that the Republicans feel threatened by somebody like Ron Paul whose entire campaign rests on the support of regular people making small, individual donations. The Republicans simply can't tolerate that because it could lead to a fundamental power shift in the party away from the powerful business and mega-corporate interests who control them currently.

Free Market goes on to explain why the Republican establishment hates Ron Paul:

Ron Paul is a Jeffersonian conservative who believes America's over-reaching, voracious, bloody 20th century empire is not constitutional. He believes in limited government and does not wish for America to be entangled in foreign wars. He is an American citizen of the kind who informed the electorate up until the early 20th century. The effect of his campaign, no matter what happens now, will be to spawn millions like him, educated about the fundamentals of a Republican constitutional government in the best sense. From this point of view, Ron Paul has already had his victory. Yet the primaries have not yet begun.

That's right folks. They hate him because he's a "conservative".

The MSM has been playing right along by promoting the idea that Ron Paul simply "can't win". They refuse to take him seriously and provide him with very little of the free air time that they give to the top-tier Republican candidates. Consider the amount of media that Mike Huckabee has garnered and the fact that he raised barely one-fifth ($1 million dollars) compared to what Paul raised in the last quarter.

Fortunately for Paul, his popularity and ability to raise money don't rely on the amount of media airtime he receives. His campaign is a grassroots, people-powered effort and that's why the Republican fat cats feel so threatened by him.

Go to the Ron Paul for 2008 web site and help him out. We need more Republicans like Ron Paul.

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Great post. I believe many non republicans will register as such just so they can vote for Ron Paul in primaries. He is a preffered candidate by many voters that care about values, constitutional govenment, character etc. He isn't bought or paid for by corporations or special interest groups.


Republicans need to realise that there is a vast number of Americans out there that don't want them to continue to run the US into a brick wall with irresponsible and corrupt foreign and economic policy. They don't really have much choice anymore. They can get behind Ron Paul or let Hillary take over.

Lee Ward:

So let's assume that Paul does bring in new Republicans as Matt predicts -- and let's assume for the sake of this discussion that it's not enough and Paul does not succeed in getting the nomination.

Who are the 'Paul Republicans' more likely to vote for -- the pro-Iraq war "more of the same" Giuiani, or the fiscally-wild Clinton?

I'd love to hear from Paul supporters on this.


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