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Bush Veto Big Payoff To Big Tobacco

The Bush veto of the expansion of children's health care to be paid for by a tax on tobacco was little more than a political payoff to a huge GOP and 2004 Bush campaign donor. Big tobacco such as Philip Morris fears that any increase in tobacco taxes would cut into sales and reduce the number of smokers. Instead of the Bush Administration rightly viewing this as an important health benefit for society, the wrong instinct to side with deadly industry because of their big political donations instead took place.

In the 2004 political election cycle for example, CAPITAL EYE reported on December 22, 2004 that Philip Morris tobacco donated $928,000 in individual and PAC contributions to Republican candidates for office. And the 2004 Bush campaign received about $39,000 and his inaugural committee received another $250,000 from the tobacco giant. Lorillard and Reynolds American are also two more huge Republican donors. Lorillard gave 92.7% of it's political donations to Republicans in 2004, but shifted it's donations somewhat in 2006 by giving 16% to Democrats running for office hoping to gain influence with the new Congress. In 2004, Reynolds American gave all 13.3% of their campaign donations to Republicans.

Mr. Bush may attempt to use lies such as claiming that he is philosophically opposed to expanding health care for children, but the real truth is that he's in the pocket of big tobacco, and big tobacco drives his policies on any issue related to this deadly industry.

Just like the oil and the defense industry contractors that dictate the military and foreign policy of the Bush White House that got America neck deep involved in Iraq as another political payoff, the Bush veto of the $7 billion dollar a year tobacco tax was the latest act of cowardice from this lame and stupid president who is little more than a puppet of big deadly corporate interests. The best government big money can buy.

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