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Giuliani Left NYC In "Ratty" Condition

Rudolph Giuliani likes to proclaim that only he can effectively manage a menace such as terrorism. Yet a new study commissioned by d-Con, the rodent control supply manufacturer, finds NYC continues to be the most rat infested city in America. As Mayor, Giuliani was unable to adequately control the city's rodent problem.

In 2003, after a Jamaica, Queens fire station had to be abandoned due to an overun by rats, NYC City Councilwoman Christine Quinn noted that Mayor Bloomberg "inherited the problem" from Mayor Giuliani. Giuliani had little success in controlling the health and sanitation problems in the city that continue to plague many restaurants and eating establishments with rodents that only continue today. Even comics like David Letterman continued to joke about the serious rodent problem during the Giuliani years as mayor that only continue today.

After 9/11, it should be noted that Mayor Giuliani only reacted to the major terrorist incident in NYC, but did not prevent it. And as Mayor, Giuliani could not even effectively battle rodents, yet he would like the voters to believe that only he can effectively battle the shadowy world of terrorists who often operate like rats by operating in the darkness.

Giuliani may proclaim bold plans for America if elected president, but he unfortunately left NYC in "ratty" condition.

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