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Jay Tea the Limbaugh Wannabe

Our sister site Wizbang features a writer who is -- how can I say this politely -- "prone to go on at great lengths about the most inane subjects." Not surprisingly, like many of his right wing brethren, Jay Tea also appears to model himself after the right wing blogosphere's highly revered icon of right wing hate Rush Limbaugh, and Jay has gone so far as to recently attempt to break in to the hate radio genre on a local radio station.

None of this is news or newsworthy, of course, were it not for Jay's recent attempt to follow in Limbaugh's footsteps. In a post this morning with a suitably over-the-top title of "Liberal Child Abuse" Jay Tea complains that he is just "appalled" at the way us libbies use children, and he cites 12 year-old Graeme Frost's delivery of last weekend's Democratic radio address as an example of this "child abuse."

For Jay to trivialize a serious subject like child abuse in his pursuit of the right wing hate agenda isn't surprising. Limbaugh wannabes learn to throw hate-filled invective early and often, and children of course can't fight back. And never mind the seriousness of the subject of health insurance for the nation's poor -- Jay's got liberals to denigrate - stomp, stomp.

But the obvious parallel between Hate Icon Rush Limbaugh's recent citing of "phony soldiers" who are 'used' by liberals, and Hate Icon-Wannabe Jay Tea's citing of "abused children" who are similarly used by liberals, is simply too rich to ignore. It also parallels Limbaugh's attack on Brian McGough. Rush tells the world that Brian can't think for himself, and Jay tell us the same about 12 year-old Graeme.

Well done, Jay. You're hitting the right wing hypocrisy high notes already with this display of your ready willingness to use hate to further the right wing agenda:

Boehner: Using Children For Political Messaging Is 'Beyond The Pale,' Unless I Do It

This week's Democratic Radio Address will be delivered by a 12-year-old boy named Graeme Frost. Graeme was in a severe car accident three years ago, and received care under the SCHIP program.

In his address, Graeme will tell the story of how he "was in a coma for a week and couldn't eat or stand up or even talk at first." But, using coverage provided under SCHIP, Graeme received treatment that allowed him to return to school and begin to lead a normal life again.

A spokesman for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) sharply criticized Graeme's appearance:

    "To use an innocent young child as a human shield and misrepresent the position of the president of the United States is, frankly, beyond the pale."

If there's one thing Boehner just won't tolerate, it's politicians employing children for political purposes...


Yes, that Republican Minority Leader Boehner in the middle, 'abusing' (to use Jay's term) a whole classroom full of children.

Nice assist Jay - always good to show the party officials that you are willing to carry their water for them... and good luck with the budding radio career. You've definitely got a future in hate media.

[I have a post on the Bush veto of the S-CHIP coming up soon that underscores the Bush/GOP misinformation campaign on this issue - Lee]

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