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Giuliani's Money Laundering And Election Manipulation Trail

rudy.jpgA new research report from DNC reporter, Stephanie Taylor, details a trail of money laundering and election vote manipulation tied back to the Rudolph Giuliani campaign. It seems that New York hedge fund billionaire Paul E. Singer, Chairman of the Giuliani Northeast fundraising operation, is involved in a trail of using big donations to attempt to manipulate the 2008 election vote results.

Singer apparently laundered $175,000 through another Giuliani donor, Charles A. Hurth III, according to the DNC report. Hurth heads a Missouri-based right wing organization, Take Intiative America, which was behind a stalled intiative proposal effort to split up Califonia's electoral votes, even though Hurth's Take Intiative America has no connections to California politics. This was intended to manipulate the overall electoral college vote and make it more difficult for a Democrat to win the national election in 2008 even if they win a slender national popular vote win, and further bias the electoral college towards the Republicans.

Three times in U.S. history, 1876, 1888 and 2000, Republican candidates lost the popular vote to a Democrat, but were made president by the Republican bias already in the electoral college. A Democrat never was made president by winning the electoral college, but losing the popular vote. It's never happened.

In 2004, Hurth also was behind another right wing organization, Choices For America, which sought to put Ralph Nader on the ballots of contested states across the U.S. such as Ohio to dilute the votes of left leaning voters who might compromise and have voted for John Kerry that year. But days before the election a message by Osama Bin Laden hurt the Kerry effort and allowed for a slender re-election of both Bush and Republican candidates nationally for Congress and the Senate, when many Americans feared a new 9/11 attack around election time and voted Republican out of fear of terrorism, so the Nader factor became less significant. In 2000, the Nader vote dilution factor probably cost Vice President Al Gore both Florida and the election.

Urban legend claims that Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin, once proclimed that," It's not the people that vote that counts, but those that count the votes". Whether Stalin actually said this is up to some debate. But it's important to note that top fundraisers in the Giuliani campaign believe that manipulation of the 2008 vote best serves their interests and will likely seek new ways to dilute the Democratic vote during the 2008 election cycle.

For Giuliani who built his reputation as a crime and corruption fighting prosecutor, all of this is simply embarrassing and retreat of basic values.

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