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Kurdish Terrorists Murder 13 Turkish Soldiers

Here's what President Bush said in 2006 when Israel attacked Lebanon after Hezbollah extremists staged a cross-border operation and captured 2 Israeli soldiers:

"Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life."

One wonders if he will have the same response to the murder of 13 Turkish soldiers by Kurdish terrorists operating out of Iraq where we currently have 170,000 troops stationed.

Kurdish fighters from the separatist group, PKK, have killed 13 Turkish soldiers in an attack close to the country's border with Iraq.

It is one of the heaviest losses the Turkish military has sustained in clashes with the group. Reports say only one PKK fighter was killed.

The Turkish military shelled the border area in an attempt to prevent the fighters from fleeing to northern Iraq.

Ankara says about 3,000 PKK fighters are based in Kurdish-run north Iraq.

Somehow I think George Bush will have a different response to this incident than his unabashed support of Israel's aerial bombing campaign of Lebanon that devastated that country's infrastructure and triggered an environmental disaster when thousands of tons of heavy fuel oil flowed into the Mediterranean Sea after an Israeli air strike on a power plant.

Recall, if you will, what the president said about those countries who harbor terrorists after 9/11:

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them."

Now, let's see what Turkey's President Abdullah Gul had to say about this barbarous terrorist attack:

"Those who create, feed and support terrorism should know that no force can stand against the determination of the Republic of Turkey to protect its inseparable integrity."

So the question now is whether the carte blanche that we gave to Israel to lay waste to Lebanon's infrastructure in all corners of Lebanon will be extended to Turkey in their response to the terrorist activity emanating from Iraq that is taking the lives of their people. Surely, if we are consistent, we must support Turkey's right to conduct a devastating bombing campaign from the northern border all the way to Basra in the south in retaliation for what has happened.

But we should never expect any sort of consistency when it comes to terrorism from this administration. Instead, we should expect the standard raging hypocrisy where every act of terrorism is dealt with differently depending on the geopolitical circumstances surrounding it. Terrorism emanating from client states like Iraq is dealt with in a wholly different manner than terrorism emanating from adversary states like Gaza. It simply wouldn't play well here at home for us to give Turkey the green light to attack Iraq in self-defense against the incursions that are being conducted across their border from our newfound Middle Eastern "ally".

This incident points up yet another reason of the many that we have to get out of Iraq now. The Turks and Kurds are bound to have some rough waters ahead as the region comes to terms with the new Kurdish independent state that has sprung up in northern Iraq. The Turks have every right to defend themselves against this sort of terrorism. We should be consistent (for once) and get out of their way.

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