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Fighting the Bush S-Chip Veto - TV Ad

Americans for Change are rolling out this ad with a $1 million dollar campaign on cable networks.

There are definite signs that Bush's support from Republicans in Congress is eroding overall, and this issue promises to accelerate that trend. Bush is playing politics with this issue, trying to pump up his sagging approval ratings, and put a new shine on the Republican party as the party of fiscal responsibility.

He's trying to counter the reality that the hasn't been fiscally responsible at all -- and he's willing to sacrifice the health of disadvantaged children on our country to do it.

'Politics over people' are his priority.

Economic and libertarian-minded Republican conservatives suggest Bush's overtures are too little too late to help a despondent Republican Party bracing for the possibility that the White House will end up in Democratic hands.

Bush's veto of the SCHIP expansion and other veto threats ring hollow because of Bush's past support for expensive programs like the Medicare prescription drug benefit and his failure to wield his veto pen, said Bruce Bartlett, an economist who was an adviser to Ronald Reagan and a Treasury official during the elder George Bush's presidency. "Because he was so lax earlier in his term, he has no choice but to overcompensate," said Bartlett. "At the White House, they understand belatedly that they have destroyed the Republican Party's reputation for fiscal responsibility. And they are trying to play catch-up."

Politics over people, Bush is choosing to overcompensate for political purposes, and he chooses health care for children as the issue - a program fully-funded by a cigarette tax with no fiscal impact on the federal government. That is patently dishonest to the core.

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