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Feeling the Love from the Right Wing

I don't hold back on the language in my writings, and I've received a few hateful emails in my day. I'm saving them up and will post a few sometime, but the Vote Vets organization has just been flooded with hate mail over the last two weeks as a result of their defense of American soldiers from Rush Limbaugh's attack on anti-war veterans as "phony soldiers."

So snuggle up next to a loved one and pop the "Love Songs After Dark" CD in to the stereo, and let's feel the love of Right Wing America:

  • "Do us all a favor and shoot yourself. You are a waste of human flesh."
  • "Tell the truth about Rush. You phony piece of [expletive]."
  • "You traitorous bunch of [expletive] cowards."
  • "Rush Limbaugh is a great American, and you are a phony."

Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, Vice Chair of VoteVets.org, and author of "The War I Always Wanted," Brandon Friedman, appears on Countdown to talk about the continuing controversy over Rush Limbaugh's comment that troops that disagree with the President on Iraq and talk to the media are 'phony soldiers'

Ahhh, feeling the love of the compassionate conservative, Christian right.

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