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The War Against Blackwater

Make no mistake about it. We are at war with Blackwater and companies like them who have been employed by the corporatist neoconservative cabal that has taken control of our government to fight our wars overseas. Author Jeremy Scahill explains.

To get the whole story you need to read his book "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" as I have. Blackwater is a secretive, private army based in North Carolina that has close ties to the White House and extremist evangelical Christian hate groups. Their founder, the diabolical Erik Prince, is a billionaire (inherited) Christian religious fanatic who has made substantial contributions to the Republican Party and Republican candidates. He has been repaid for his largesse with hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for operations in Iraq.

Blackwater has the largest private military base in the world in North Carolina and over 20,000 soldiers. In 2004, Blackwater mercenaries blundered into an ambush in Fallujah triggering a revenge attack ordered by Bush that killed thousands in that city and helped fuel the insurgency that would later claim the lives of hundreds of our heroes under arms.

There are tens of thousands of hired mercenaries in Iraq. Bush is using Iraq as a guinea pig for the insidious neoconservative conspiracy to privatize the fighting of wars so that the American people will be more willing to wage them solely for the purpose of fueling corporate profits. The jack-booted thugs of Blackwater have been terrorizing the Iraqi people for long enough, and, if we let them, they will soon be terrorizing you and I right here at home. As Scahill reported, they charged uninvited and unannounced into New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The company is trying to position itself as a provider of "security" within the borders of the US supplanting the local police and National Guard.

We need to stop Blackwater in its tracks and protect our democracy from these unaccountable and out-of-control mercenaries before it's too late. Spread the word.

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