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Dumbass For President

The consistently stupid Fred Thompson, back then:

Fred Thompson was the Republican mole who allowed himself to be lead around by the nose and told what to do by Nixon's people, who in turn looked down upon their village idiot with scorn.

And now Fred's marketing folks are trying to sell us this dumbass as presidential -- trying to find that 'niche' for the Fat-head as the anti-Giuliani and the anti-Romney. Just yesterday they had Fat-head Fred announce that he's the "consistent conservative" candidate:

Taking a veiled swipe at Rudy Giuliani on the former mayor's home turf, Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson Monday night cast himself as "the consistent conservative" in the GOP primary sweepstakes.

"I was a conservative yesterday, I am a conservative today and I will be a conservative tomorrow," the former U.S. senator from Tennessee told a gathering of the state's Conservative Party at the Sheraton New York.

Thompson refused to take any direct shots at the former mayor, choosing instead to give a brief speech that focused on American virtues and Republican Party principles but contained virtually no specifics.

A brief speech that offered no specifics. Can't let Fat-Head Fred open his mouth for long or that vacuum between his ears will suck all of the oxygen out of the room.

But back to the marketing of the great Republican idiot... Giuliani is viewed by many in his party as too liberal, and Romney is the great flip-flopper, so now we have the "consistent conservative" to fill the gap.

So how did Fred do in his first debate? If only his marketing people could fill the gap behind his forehead they might have half a chance.

Sorry, that video clip wasn't kind -- or even fair -- but marketing Fat-head Fred as anything close to presidential isn't kind or fair either. George W. Bush was an absolute disaster as president, and electing Fat-head Fred would be an even greater mistake.

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