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Limbaugh Admits Threatening Journalist

Let's face it folks. Rush Limbaugh is losing his marbles. Yesterday he admitted to threatening a journalist who was going to write an unflattering story about him. In Limbaugh's own words:

But there was a cover story on me coming out of one of the big news magazines, and it was going to totally mischaracterize me and what I do and how I do it. And we found out who was writing it and made a couple phone calls to the person writing it. And we said, "You know what? We're going to find out where your kids go to school. We're going to find out who you knocked up in high school. We're going to find out what drugs you used. We're going to find out where you go to drink and do -- we're gonna find out how you paid for your house. We're going to do -- and we're going to do exact -- and we're going to say that, you know what? You are no different than Al Goldstein. You both masturbate.

I'm not surprised at all that Limbaugh and his goons would use this sort of tactic to intimidate journalists in order to shape what gets printed about him. What surprises me is that he would admit to such sleazy behavior especially since just before this he says:

I am not going to tell you the story because I'm don't want to give it away, and I would have to mention names, and I'm not going to mention names.

So Rush? If you didn't want to tell us the story, why did you then tell us the story?

Couple this with Limbaugh's vicious attack on "phony soldiers" and his refusal to apologize for that outright slander of our fighting men and women under arms and we have real indications that he may not be feeling all that well. As a public figure, Limbaugh should expect no more or no less scrutiny than any other celebrity, but it appears that he greatly resents the amount of coverage given to the troubles in his personal life.

Gee...Sorry Rush...but that sort of comes with the territory along with the 7-figure income that you bank every year. Get over it and stop being such a crybaby.

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DaveD[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If this is true then Rush could learn alot from the Clintons on how to be discreet when it comes to strong arming people.


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