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White Collar Crime Flourishes With The Bush Administration

One of the greatest growth industries during the Bush years has been the huge growth of criminal scams of all sorts including by Emails, on the Internet, and using the public mail system. The weak Bush Justice Department under the wholly unquafied leadership of John Ashcroft and Roberto Gonzales has been almost toothless against protecting the public from the mushrooming growth of white collar crimes.

Yesterday, my family received a bogus bill from a collection agency located in Illinois, Afni Collections, falsely claiming that my deceased father owes a huge $1,852.86 dollar bill to Verizon Wireless, when my father never ever had any account with Verizon or even a wireless phone of any type.

And this is hardly any mistake on the part of Afni or Verizon. This Afni Collections company has sent out many of these bogus Verizon bills according to numerous complaints on Internet consumer complaint sites. In one case, a bogus bill was sent out on behalf of someone who would have been just eight years old at the time of a claimed Verizon service as well as many elderly or even deceased persons like my father who were targets of this scam. You wonder if these scammers use the obituary section to plan their next scam.

Afni web domain records list Alan Angelo as the corporate head of this company. And if someone has a complaint against the bogus bill that they receive and contacts Afni, then they only open themselves up to massive identity theft problems as these scammers ask for copies of your driver's license, bank statements, social security card, and other very sensitive information, claiming to help you "resolve" the issue. Angelo's company then has more than enough information to further victimize someone with the disclosure of these sensitive documents. A person could easily find their bank account cleaned out or a huge credit card debt in your name if this information is used for a further scam. Even calling this company is dangerous because your phone number could fuel a "fishiing expedition" by this scam company.

You can forget federal help from the soft on crime Bush Justice Department to put scammers like this behind federal prison bars. However, you can use your state Attorney General's office or file a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service, as this bogus billing scam crossed state lines and became a federal case once the mail system was used in the fraud scheme.

The Bush Administration has been very good for white collar crime of all types; subprime loan scams where a person losses their home, phone sales scams, Internet scams, Email scams, "payday" loan scams, mail scams, etc., etc., etc. It's a good time to be a white collar criminal in America with an administration like the Bush one who turns a blind eye to criminal enterprises and scams that cost American consumers potentially billions of dollars each year in theft losses. And this doesn't even include shoplifter rings or burglars who use Ebay or Craig's List to sell their stolen goods for a profit. In yet another area, the Bush Administration has managed to give aid and comfort to the worst instincts of the human nature to some with no morals, ethics or values. And this president loves to proclaim just how religious he is.

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