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The Rogue Nation of Blackwater (Continued)


I'm not pretending to be Bag News Notes here (so spare me the angry comments please), but this Blackwater poster caught my eye so I thought I would write about it.

There's something about this poster, which you can purchase at Blackwater USA's convenient online proshop, that just spooks me.

Maybe it's the message at the top "The Mission Continues". What "mission" could they be talking about? The only one that comes to mind is Erik Prince's mission to amass millions more in wealth as he builds a multi-national mercenary army that he would like to see fighting our wars overseas and "protecting" us here at home.

Maybe it's the ominous "Coming Soon - Global Stability" message at the bottom. Wouldn't you like these guys to bring "global stability" to your neighborhood? They look like such reliable and trustworthy fellows don't they?

Maybe it's the cloud in the background that for the life of me resembles much too closely the mushroom cloud of a nuclear blast.

Maybe it's the steely-eyed, souless German Shepard with its right paw cocked as if ready to spring. Remember Abu Ghraib?

Maybe it's the mercenary in the center whose eyes you can't see because of the shade thrown by his cap with his right index pointing downward and fingering the trigger of his automatic weapon.

Maybe it's the second mercenary with his black, wraparound sunglasses scanning the area for subversive rabble.

Maybe it's the spent ammo casings on the ground.

The whole picture just spooks me.

And if that doesn't frighten you enough just check out the dandy Blackwater baby onesies you can get. There's still time to order some before the Christmas rush.

Meanwhile, in other Blackwater news, CNN is reporting that the Iraqi government is again insisting the Blackwater leave the country. How many times now have they demanded that?

The Washington Times is reporting that Blackwater founder Erik Prince will not allow Iraqi authorities to arrest and try the contractors who murdered the 17 Iraqis. That seems to answer the question that I raised concerning the whereabouts of the mercenaries. They must still be in Iraq.

CNN also has a story about the aftermath of the massacre:

Haythem could only recognize his oldest boy from his tall and slim physique as well as what was left of his shoes. His son's head had been blown away, his body charred beyond recognition. His wife of more than 20 years was torn apart.

Only part of her neck and jaw remained," Haythem told CNN. The rest of her was covered by a body bag.

Choking back tears, he said, "Killing them was not enough, blowing up their skulls, they burned them and disfigured them."

It's enough to make you sick.

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Comments (1)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"The whole picture just spooks me."

Get with it, Larkin. Death is "cool" and blood red is the new black.


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