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A Sense of Doom Descends on Republicans for 2008

The latest Evans-Novak Political Report as reported by Political Wire has a gloomy forecast for the faltering Republican Party

"Gloom deepens in Republican ranks with the continuing retirement of incumbents in both the House and Senate. Major Democratic gains in the Senate could even approach the magic number of 60 seats needed for a filibuster-free environment. The losses in the House also threaten to be severe, limited only by gerrymandered districts."

I've posted earlier about how a filibuster-proof majority is realistically within reach for the Democrats. Adding to the misery for GOP die-hards is a report in the Huffington Post on how Democratic challengers for the Senate seats coming up for grabs in 2008 are doing:

In Minnesota, comedian and talk show host Al Franken has reportedly out-raised incumbent Republican Norm Coleman these past three months by a margin of $1.9 million to $1.7 million. In Virginia, former Democratic Governor Mark Warner collected more than $1.1 million in just 17 days compared to roughly $230,000 for his chief Republican opponent, Rep. Tom Davis. The Colorado Springs Gazette has reported that Democratic Rep. Mark Udall, raised more than $1.1 million these past three months compared to the $800,000 brought in by his Republican counterpart, former Rep. Bob Schaffer. And in Maine, incumbent Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, reportedly brought in $1 million in third quarter donations, only $330,000 more than her Democratic rival, Rep. Tom Allen.

To compound the misery for the beleaguered Republicans, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has $20.6 million cash on hand while the National Republican Senate Committee's has just $7.1 million cash on hand. The numbers are even better for the Democrats at the Congressional level.

Missouri Republican Governor Matt Blunt is facing a spirited challenge from Democrat Jay Nixon as reported by Rasmussen. In Alaska, scandal-tainted Republican incumbent Don Young is trailing his Democratic challenger Ethan Berkowitz 51% to 46% in the race for that state's single Congressional seat. Democrat Mark Warner is swamping the Republicans who are attempting to hold onto the Virginia Senate seat according to pollster.com. And Ohio Republican Congressman Dave Hobson joined the growing list of Republicans who would rather give up than fight for reelection as a member of the certain minority in the next Congress as reported by the Swing State Project.

The 2008 election will provide confirmation of whether the 2006 election was simply an example of the six-year itch as some die-hard conservative bloggers insist. As things stand right now, it looks increasingly likely that the 2008 results will confirm a historic shift of the political landscape that will keep Democrats in the majority probably for a generation.

Too bad we can't have the election right now.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Excellent round-up of red-state misery, Larkin - and I agree it's a shame the election wasn't today. The way things are shaping up it's the Democrats' election to lose, and we all know how capable our party is in that regard. Given enough time, the Democrats will find a way to blow this tremendous advantage.

But then there's Bush, the gift that keeps on giving, and the reich-wing blogophere continues to do the wrong thing repeatedly - choosing short term gains for long-term pain. Just like Bush.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The good news is that Ron Paul is now third in the Republicans in raising money and he says has the most support of ordinary GIs for his calling for an immediate witrhdrawl from Iraq, which is the last thing the military industrial complex in the US wants so it may be mixed blessing that much of of the big money from that leading sector is not drying up but going instead to Mrs. Inevitability....Hillary.Let's hope (against hope) that she isn't unduly influenced and that our presence in Iraq is not permanent.


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