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Another Spineless Republican Sells Out

Perry.jpgI'm talking about Rick Perry, the ultra-conservative Governor of Texas, who endorsed Rudy "the New York Liberal" Giuliani yesterday -- ignoring the fact that Giuliani's values and stands on a number of key issues run counter to Perry's own stated principles.

As if principles mattered to a damned Republican hypocritical hack like Perry. With clowns like this at the forefront of the GOP, liberals could run OJ Simpson and win.

Giuliani was quick to sell out in return, and started humping Perry's leg immediately:

Asked if the Texas governor might be considered as a running mate, Mr. Giuliani said: "He's on the top of everybody's list. Mine and everybody else's."

Wipe your pointed chin, Rudy, you're slobbering like a pig.

For some, the endorsement means that Mr. Perry has abandoned his political beliefs.

"I'm confused. One of the most, if not the most conservative governor in Texas history, endorses a pro-choice, rabidly anti-Second Amendment, former NY mayor," said Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, a Texas co-chairman for former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson's campaign. "Whatever happened to conservative principles as the first measure of who to support for any office?"

Mr. Patterson added: "How quickly we forsake our principles for political expediency."

So how does Perry explain his sudden lack of backbone?

The governor told reporters on a conference call from Washington that after months of studying the race from the sidelines, he decided Mr. Giuliani could win and wanted to get involved in the campaign.

He said he was persuaded to endorse Mr. Giuliani after a recent meeting when "I looked him in the eye" and was assured that in nominating Supreme Court justices and on other important issues, a Giuliani administration would serve the conservative cause.

Oh, geez - "looked him the in the eye?!?!?" I didn't want to know that.

Did they share spit? Did they sit next to each other in restroom stalls and play footsie?

It's going to be a long 13 months....

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