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Reid Vows No Compromise on CHIP

That's the way I read it anyway. Although he didn't use those exact words Reid did state that the bipartisan group of S-CHIP supporters are committed to "not abandon any of the uninsured children we would have covered with the bipartisan legislation" as approved by Congress.

Via email:

Democrats will continue fight to cover millions of America's poorest children.

Washington, DC--Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the House failed to override President Bush's veto of the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007:

"Each Republican who voted to uphold President Bush's heartless veto should be embarrassed that he chose to stand in the way of improving the lives of millions of America 's poorest children. While we appreciate those who voted to override his veto, there unfortunately remain too many who are all too willing to rubberstamp President Bush's shameful policies and succumb to his misinformation campaign.

"CHIP is a critical program that the vast majority of the American people rightly support. As long as this President denies American children the health care they need when they get sick, Democrats will continue to fight to do right by those who need our help the most. As we move forward, I share the commitment of my partners in this compromise that we must not abandon any of the uninsured children we would have covered with the bipartisan legislation already passed by Congress."

Michelle Malkin recently wrote that the veto override vote would be a 'defining moment'. Rest assured, Republicans, it most definitely will be that... and more.

Pelosi, also via email:

Today the House voted to override the President's shameful veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and fell short by 10 Republican obstructionist votes.

I can ensure you that this fight is not over. The fight is only just beginning.

President Bush and the Rubber Stamp Republicans in Congress will be haunted by vetoing legislation for 10 million children. They will be haunted for as long as they are in office or as long as they continue to resist giving health insurance to millions of America's children.

We will never stop fighting for children's health insurance and for what we as Democrats believe in. Our voices will be heard. [...]

This is an all-too-familiar pattern in Washington these days. Once again, Democrats are offering the American people hope and progress, while a stubborn President and his obstructionist Republican friends in Congress respond with roadblocks. [...]

This is the third time when the only thing blocking meaningful change that Americans overwhelming support was George Bush's veto pen and obstructionist Republicans to back him up. I promise you that the debate and the fight are not over on children health insurance, stem cell research and on the war in Iraq. We will never stop holding this President and his obstructionist Republican friends accountable.

It is never been more clear that to have the kind of meaningful change our country deserves we must have a Democrat in the White House with a strong Democratic Majority in Congress. And, to do that we must stay united, and never stop fighting for what we believe in and making our voices heard.

More to Come...

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