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Bush Likely To Veto COPS Program Funding To Fight Meth And Gangs

Bush is likely to cast another irresponsible veto within the next few days as Congress approved $110 million to renew funding for the highly successful COPS program(Community Oriented Policing Services Program) which hires more community level police officers and has proven effective at cutting crime related to gangs and meth.

Senator Maria Cantwell(D-WA) was one of the main backers of the COPS program, and with a growing crime problem related to both gangs and meth in growing communities such as Vancouver, Washington, both police and Senator Cantwell held a joint newsconference appealing for Bush not to veto funds for the crime fighting program.

As the huge cost of the Iraq War drains the federal budget, the growing list of irresponsible Bush vetos also grows. Bush continues to veto programs ranging from advancing children's health care, providing fire departments needed equipment through grants to small fire districts without the tax base to pay for needed hoses and trucks, and cuts to community policing services that hire more police to crack down on the serious crimes related to both meth and gangs.

The violence related to gangs and meth is so serious that many TV stations participated in a special 30 minute program event devoted to how meth ravages the local community last month. Drive-by shootings from gangs often involved in "turf wars" that take innocent lives. And meth often fuels burglary and metal theft crimes. Aluminum safety rails from bridges and catalytic converters are increasingly being stolen by metal thieves to pay for their meth addiction. Shoppers at shopping mall parking lots are increasingly reporting catalytic converter thefts while they park and shop. Shoplifting rings also cost both consumers and retailers an estimated $30 billion dollars a year, often to pay for the drug habits of these crooks.

During the Clinton Administration years, the COPS program proved itself effective at reducing crime of all types. But with the deep mess that Bush has gotten himself into in Iraq, and with the huge costs to the federal budget, Bush increasingly looks for some irresponsible veto to cast against some perfectly good federal program.

Children's health care and crime prevention programs often become the favorite Bush veto targets in his desperate efforts to find another $190 billion to continue to throw down the Iraq War rathole. Neighborhood security funding is good enough for the people of Baghdad, but not good enough for the people of "Main Street" America according to the convoluted line of Bush reasoning. Indeed, Bush seems more Elmer Fuddlike in his confused philosophy of the role and obligations of government to make life safe and secure for the average American citizen by the day, and his vetos only grow more irresponsible and more destructive to the general welfare of American society.

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Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Now if a couple of these gang members said they were 'neighborhood terrorists' or wanted to convert to Islam, Bush would probably double the funding of the COPS program.


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