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GOP Grumpy Old Men Hopefuls Now Running Against "Woodstock" Nation

More than anything, yesterday's GOP debate turned out to be yet another pathetic attempt by a bunch of old White guys to run against anything that even remotely smacks of cultural liberalism or even for that matter, the modern world. It largely turned out to become a contest to prove who can be the most flat Earthed, troglodyte and snake handling of the bunch.

Very few in the modern world are still running against The Beatles records or other modern recordings, but John McCain took a swipe at support among some Democrats for a grant for a Woodstock music museum. Thanks, dad. How old is this guy anyway that he's running against a 1969 music event probably attended by many now turning about 60 or maybe older? Back in the Reagan Administration days there was a battle between James Watt and those that wanted The Beach Boys to play a benefit concert, where Nancy Reagan had to defend the Beach Boys. Today, Beach Boys' written songs are used in mobility scooter ads, such as "I Get Around" because the audience continues to age.

Sunday's GOP contest was not only a laughable event of who can be more far-right than the next guy, but who can be more out of step with culture and less informed than the next guy. In the 2004 John Kerry election some on the right were running against the old antiwar movement of the 1960's all over again. And the new battle cry of running against the "Woodstock Nation" by the right is the latest attempt to run against ancient history by a bunch of grumpy old men who are the 2008 GOP hopefuls.

More and more the culturally retarded nature of these old White GOP guys becomes self-parody where the punchlines write themselves. The Democratic hopefuls are offering new visions for a future America, while the old GOP hopefuls are like a bunch of cranky old men running against anything they think is 1960's or "Hippie" in nature.

So you have two different visions for America. An old White guys party running against immigrants and anything culturally modern and Lawrence Welk music loving in every possible way. And the Democrats offering a new vision on many issues and a modern world view. Maybe the Grand "Old" Party has become too much of the "old" party more than anything and left the modern world of here and now too far behind. Can you say, "out of step"?

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