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The CIA is Still Witholding Key Documents in the JFK Assassination case

As Jefferson Morley reports in the Huffington post:

"Lawyers for the Central Intelligence Agency faced pointed questions in a federal court hearing Monday morning about the agency's efforts to block disclosure of long-secret records about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

Lisa Pease, an historian who has studied the JFK assassination for many years, continues in the Consortium news blog

Morley filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA for failing to disclose records about a CIA officer named George Joannides. Joannides was responsible for running the DRE, an anti-Castro CIA front group that had extensive interactions with Lee Harvey Oswald in the months leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy.

The CIA has consistently refused to release Joannides' records, even though they are mandated to by the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Act.

Joannides was responsible for kicking out two staffers of the House Select Committee on Assassinations who had been set up with full access at CIA to CIA records pertaining to that time period. When the records they dug up got more interesting in terms of suggesting possible CIA involvement in a plot to kill Kennedy, Joannides had the two staffers removed from their temporary office at CIA headquarters.

And aren't laws meant to be upheld? As Morley writes "In my admittedly subjective view, the JFK Records Act is being slowly repealed by CIA fiat. In defiance of the law and common sense, the Agency continues to spend taxpayers' money for the suppression of history around JFK's assassination. In the post-9/11 era, you would think U.S. intelligence budget could be better spent."

Even anti-conspiracy authors Gerald Posner and Vincent Bugliosi have sided with the law, calling for the documents to be released.

Robert Blakey, staff director and chief counsel (1977-79), U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations, who had originally implicated the Mafia in a JFK conspiracy, now voices his suspicions of the CIA. Here is his statement from 2003.

We now know that the Agency withheld from the Warren Commission the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation.... Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story. I am now in that camp.

44 years after the assassination of one of its most popular and undoubtedly its most glamorous president, the American government is still not prepared to tell or trust it's own people why and how Jack Kennedy died...Even the loan assassin/ 'the magic bullet' theorists are beginning to wonder what the government, i.e the Agency, our secret government is hiding.

The JFK assassination and the flimsy cover-up by the the American establishment, through the Warren Report, sold to the unsuspecting American people, and unchallenged by the coopted MSM media, radicalized me back in the sixties. And nothing I have read or seen since as deradicalized me. If the CIA wanted to exonerate itself finally in the Kennedy assassination as its supporters and the law demands, it would empty its JFK file, to disabuse us of the idea that some of its agents (how many?) were implicated in a conspiracy involving "mob godfathers, some CIA personnel, and a few Cuban exiles," and I might add, enabled post- assassination, by the usual assortment of cringing and easily intimidated politicians, which every era seens to have more than its share.

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