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Right Wing Wackos' Theories on the California Fires


The comment thread on a Free Republic report that posits possible arson in one of the Southern California fires has brought out the right wing wackos in full force, and they are pointing their (odd-smelling) fingers at everyone from Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda to illegal immigrants.

The background:

Fire officials are now stating that the Orange County Santiago fire was purposely set and there is speculation that other fires may have also been deliberate.

Fire officials found three separate "points of origin," all near the intersection of Silverado Canyon Road and Santiago Canyon Road. Two were on one side of the road, and the third was on the other. "Whoever did this knew what they were doing," said Kris Concepcion, a fire authority battalion chief. Also, the fire traveled 3 miles in its first 20 minutes when it was ignited about 6 p.m. Sunday, he said.

Some comment highlights appear below -- try not to be blinded by the large congregation of tin-foil hats:

  • "jihadi assymetry..."
  • "Al Qaeda?"
  • "Let me be the first to say.........ILLEGALS doing the arson that Americans won't do."
  • I have no doubts that there is serious potential for Terrorist related fires, particularly with the Santa Anna winds. It's not rocket science or hard to imagine and I wrote and warned of such possibilities by enemies of this nation back in 2001 and 2002 in the Dragon's Fury Series.
  • "I had a sign "I Slam Islam" on by bench at work. They made me take it down........."
  • "I was very suspicious about this from the start. My main suspects would be leftists of some sort: Islamofacists or eco-terrorits"
  • "Since al Qaeda has ties to Russian/Soviet intelligence, as did the New Left groups in the 1960s, it is possible that they may even have received some of the old plans from their FSB contacts, updated to reflect current topography and conditions."
  • "Are these terrorists? At a billion dollars, this is the same cost as the WTC. Its been 8 years and something needs to be done. We can't be worrying about people with matches."
  • "Could it be terrorist......hmm. most likely tis,so what we gonna do about it..nothing."
  • "I don't know why but I suspect disgruntled "undocumented workers" since these fires are so close to the border with our neighbor to the south. Seems to me the illegals would love to put a finger in the eye of rich white Californians."
  • "Especially interesting to ponder since San Diego County is pretty Republican."
  • "terrorists harming their biggest defenders - no way! /s"
  • "They are NOT Santa Ana winds. They ARE Santana winds, meaning Devil winds."

Those two towards the end are my favorites, One commenter (who had suggested "illegals' were behind the arson in an earlier comment) remarks that the fires are "interesting to ponder since San Diego County is pretty Republican" which is followed immediately another comment suggesting sarcastically that the terrorists who started the fires wouldn't "harm their biggest defenders", presumably Southern California liberals. Glad their covering all of the possibilities...

The fact that many (if not all) of these idiots have the right to vote explains a lot about the current sad state of the White House today.

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