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Clinton and Paul to Top Missouri Primary Ballots

This news will have the GOPers gnashing their teeth in disgust:

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ron Paul won the top spots on Missouri's presidential primary ballots.

Tuesday was the first day of candidacy filing for the party primary elections on Feb. 5. Candidates who file on the first day draw lottery numbers, with the lowest number winning the right to be listed first on the ballot. That's why Paul will be listed first, even though a representative of Rudy Giuliani was first in line at the secretary of state's office.

Representatives of Republicans Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and John McCain also filed on Tuesday, as did Democrat Barack Obama.

Having his name at the top of the ballot lends an air of legitimacy to Paul, to a small degree at least -- and legitimacy is something many are trying to take away from his candidacy. As often as Fox News and the right wing establishment has attempted to marginalize Ron Paul, with conservative blog site RedState actually banning discussion of Paul's candidacy in their post comment threads just a few days ago, this news must have those guys angry as spit.

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scorchednuts[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Interestingly enough, as a Utah resident I think I can add some flavor to this topic. On my ballot last November, the Republican candidate for the office in question was always at the very top. I wondered aloud to friends and wrote a piece to the editorial page of the local rag asking why this was the case. It was definitely not an alphabetical issue as "Pete Ashdown" comes before "Orrin Hatch". Every office that was on the ballot, down to county treasurer, had the Republican as the top choice on the touch-screen ballot.


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