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Ron Paul New Hampshire Ads (video)

The two latest Ron Paul TV ads. Yes, I know he's not "blue" but his increasing popularity is one of the more interesting stories out there, and now that he's starting to spend money on advertising we get to see the image he's projecting to voters with his TV ads. The third video below is an NBC Nightly News clip from about 10 days ago which speaks to the increase in Paul's popularity.

NCB Nightly News reports on the Ron Paul campaign uptick:

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I think Ron Paul will be popular after the election when the GOP does a post-mortem following their 2008 election day meltdown. A party that continues to embrace, Ann Coulter, 'pointless wars, runs up a vast debt, and trashes the Constitution' deserves to have the albatross of Dubya around its neck. Paul is the only candidate laying the blame on the rightful party...the administration. Most of the party faithful are still obsessed with 'God gays, and guns'..America is changing but the GOP and candidates like Thompson who keeps referring to Russia as the Soviet Union have a mind-set that is hopelessly behind, (red terror, pre- debacle Iraq, pre-global warming and so forth).

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sorry, the proper link to the above comment is shatterred.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Exactly -- Paul is the only Republican candidate who has 'evolved' beyond the failed neocon agenda, and the only one willing to admit that we totally botched Iraq.

I think Paul may attract some younger voters away from the Dems, but I wonder which of Repugnants will be hurt most by Paul's growing popularity. Maybe he will steal more votes from Giuliani and McCain then he will Romney - so he may ultimately strengthen Romney's chances for the nomination in the long run (?)


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