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New Hampshire Democratic Debate Video Highlights

**Note: This post covers the October, 2007 New Hampshire debate.

For coverage of the January 5, 2008 New Hampshire debate -- click here.

Everyone was looking for Obama to come out swinging, and overall he was somewhat disappointing on that account. Having declared that he would be more aggressive and demonstrate his ability to slug it out in the political arena, explaining he'd made a conscious choice not to up until now, Obama's failure to make a strong showing in this regard last night suggests that he's just not capable of being an attack dog.

He needs to do better, and will have two more debates prior to the start of the primary voting to do so. Meanwhile, here's some video highlights. I'll post more roundup notes if I get a chance later today.

Clinton on the National Archives - Obama capitlizes on her obfuscation.

The "gotcha" moment for Hillary over Spitzer's plan.

Biden nails Rudy with "three words."

Edwards Speaks Up for the Children.

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