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Some Halloween Creepy Political Tidbits

Here's some creepy political tidbits sure to give you some Halloween chills:
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  • Comic fake-conservative funnyman Stephen Colbert draws as high as 13% support in a three way matchup between Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson or Rudolph Giuliani according to a new Rasmussen Poll. Interestingly, Colbert hurts both Giuliani and Thompson far more than Hillary Clinton, proving that much of their support is weak antiHillary support.
  • The main federal consumer products testing agency under the Bush Administration hires only tester for dangerous toys or products for children. Thanks again, George, for looking out for the nation's children.
  • John McCain uses his latest Email to supporters to prove that he's some sort of an economic conservative by opposing a small $1 million dollar grant to a Woodstock music museum, while hawkishly supporting the twin Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, expected to cost $2.4 trillion dollars if they last through the decade ahead. Thanks John, for supporting fiscal conservatism and spending controls.
  • Mitt Romney has spent huge amounts of money in states such as Iowa to run ads with him to prove how athletic that he is. This might be a crepy jab at fellow candidates such as Giuliani, McCain or Thompson who have suffered from cancer or age issues.
  • There is new polling evidence that the voters in U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district are beginning to turn against her in frustration with her failure to overcome obstruction on vital issues by a Republican minority and a veto-wielding Bush White House. Voter anger over the continued war in Iraq and other issues are hurting Pelosi.
  • Hillary Clinton has slipped into a tossup position in possible new Rasmussen Polling matchups with Rudolph Giuliani and Fred Thompson, possiby proving that the wave of attacks on her from all sides may be having some impact.
  • Comic Jay Leno is beginning to lampoon the Democrats for failure to override Republican minority obstruction and White House vetoes of key issues such as ending the Iraq War or failure to win on the children's health care issue. But without a clear Democratic majority, and a very conservative Bush White House, the 2006 Democratic election gains fell short of giving Democrats the clear mandate that they really needed to pass their agenda, and the White House or Republican minority can bring gridlock to issues such as immigration reform.
  • The all-time worst election committee name of any political committee still remains CREEP(Committee To Re-Elect The President during the 1972 Nixon campaign). So far no politician has so poorly named a political organization to make voters wary.
  • Here's one nonpolitical creepy tidbit: The simply awful CBS musical, VIVA LAUGHLIN quickly became the first cancelled program of the new season, surprisingly beating out the overwelming heavy favorite for cancellation, ABC's CAVEMEN. Boo.....

There you have it kids. A few creepy tales of electoral horror sure to spook up your Halloween. Be sure to get your cheap Halloween costumes ready for tonight including your kitchen aluminum tin foil robot costume, mom's lipstick Frankenstein makeup, kitchen flour zombie makeup, toilet paper mummy costume, or your lovely floral pattern bedsheet nonscary ghost costumes ready for tonight's fun Halloween event.

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