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Another Politician Who's "Not Gay"

As if the Idaho Senator Larry Craig story wasn't the funniest recent sex scandal, a far more hilarious scandal has caused the resignation from office by a Washington state legislator. Once again you had a conservative "family values" Republican with a strong record of votes against any issues involving the Gay community, caught up in preverse sort of Gay sex scandal with absurdly funny details.

curtis_103107.jpgWashington State Representative Richard Curtis was elected to serve the La Center community near Vancouver, Washington in 2004. His legislative website lists him as being married with children. As a legislator, Curtis took a strong conservative line on most issues. But the public office Curtis that most of his voters knew of was far different than the private citizen Curtis who was well known to employees of a Spokane area adult bookstore where Curtis was a regular customer who would come in dressed as a woman and was called "the cross-dresser" by the employees.

The latest adult bookstore shopping experience by Curtis involved him wearing women's black sequined lingerie and long red women's stockings. A lovely sight I'm sure. But it was Curtis paying a 26year old small-time Website Gay porn model for sex acts that he met in a video booth at the bookstore and a claimed $1,000 extortion scheme that really blew the panties off the secret life of Curtis this week and caused his resignation from office.

Stories like this are certainly funny for the silly details. But on a serious level, the fact that some politicians attempt to construct phony personas of themselves to run for office, and have voting records far in contradiction to their real lives is indeed troubling. Once again, like the Larry Craig scandal and many other scandals involving politicians, some politicians prove that they are real phonies and willing to promote any fake image of themselves required to run for public office.

In the real world, not every guy, Gay or Straight for that matter, makes a real mess of their lives by going adult bookstore shopping in outrageous women's clothing or pays for sex, or ends up in a possible extortion scheme by making a complete mess of their life.

It's certainly easy to laugh at the details of the Curtis scandal. The story is regional frontpage news in the Northwest and no doubt the source of many water cooler jokes at work. But at the core, Curtis has brought great shame and embarrassment to his wife and family. And if anything, this has to be the greatest human cost so far of this silly scandal. But Curtis has provided perhaps one of the most silly sex scandals ever in Washington state history that really takes the grand prize for sheer absurdity. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner here.

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Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

There is an old joke that asks if there is any amount of money you would accept to have sex with a stranger -- and many people will answer some huge amount -- like $100 Million -- at which point the joke teller says "ok, now we know you're willing to prostitute yourself -- all we have to do is agree on the price."

That appears to be the case here. In interviews with police Curtis acknowledges having sex with Castagna in exchange for $100 which Curtis says he gave Castagna "for gas" - which is nothing more than a way around prostitution laws -- atta boy -- good Republican -- find a way to break the law but avoid prosecution. Curtis denies agreeing to have unprotected sex with Castagna for $1000, claiming it was extortion.

I believe Curtis. I don't think Curtis would throw away his career because after he agreed to $1000 he then changed his mind, I believe he was a victim of blackmail and extortion and he realized that if he want along with it there would be no end in sight (cough cough)...

...but he's still a married man who had unprotected sex with a male prostute. I guess they just couldn't agree on a price.


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