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Did Hillary Blow It? Making Lemonade

My pal Larkin questions whether Hillary lost some ground in her race for Democratic nominee coming out of Tuesday night's Drexel University debate in New Hampshire. Simultaneously my pal Steve Crickmore is suggesting that the GOP will focus and hit hard on Hillary's 1992-2000 White House history and that will in turn wipe away the sins of George Bush over the last 7 years in the minds of voters.

What's HIllary doing in response to criticism such as this? She's making lemonade...

Criticism of Hillary Rodham Clinton's Tuesday night debate performance continued into a second day, prompting her campaign to call it all "The Politics of Pile-On."

In a Web spot, Mrs. Clinton seeks to take an uneven debate appearance and personal attacks by her fellow candidates into a sign of her strength as the race's frontrunner. Several reports indicate that her campaign has also sought to fund-raise (again) off the attacks, which spooled out yesterday from her Democratic rivals as well as from leading Republicans, including Rudy Giuliani and the head of the Republican party.

Here's the video response from Clinton cited above:

Clinton will continue to take heat on Social Security, Health Care, and the archives, and she'll continue to stand her ground and turn the situation to her advantage. By running this gauntlet now she'll show her ability (or lack thereof) to take on foes from all sides.

How 'presidential' she'll look if she succeeds.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lee..I think she is still vulnerable on the secrecy issue..Hers' was a very limp response on your linked earlier video 'Clinton on the National Archives - Obama capitalizes on her obfuscation'.. On her husband not ageeing to release documents that she was involved in "That's not my decision to be made'" C'mon, now.... Edwards and Obama if they want to win badly enough should go after this habit of Clinton's as her biographer Carl Bernstein summarizes "Since her Arkansas years, Hillary Rodham Clinton has always had a difficult relationship with the truth'.
The issues ..they (Edwards, Obama and Clinton) are not really far apart. Clinton can express herself just as forecfully on them as they can, and in the nature of a 7 person scatter-shot 'debate' she won't lose. It's when she is challenged and talks about herself, for more than a couple of minutes, that her problems arise, and people start to sense misgivings.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've got no doubt that there is something in the archives Hilary and/or Bill doesn't want to go public with. I suspect each of the candidates has their own skeletons they'd like to keep safely the closet. Does that disqualify Clinton or any of the others?

This is really looking rather petty to me, and if this is the best her opponents can muster I see zero risk.

Catch her in the wrong, fine - nail her.

Catch her being less than 100% honest and forthcoming and all you can do at that point is (1) insinuate there is wrong behind it while you (2) prove she's a Washington politician.

Clinton made the statement that the archive already has the "health-care issue" related papers - so what's the beef?

Show me someone running for president who isn't a Washington politician.

Are any of the other candidates making public all of their notes and correspondence from 1992-2000? If and when they do (and they won't) then you might be able to call Hillary on her secrecy. Until then, everyone else is being just as secretive as she is, no?

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lee..Maybe she will try that as her next rebuttal.to see her opponent archives However, I don't know if its petty. She almost belittles Obama about his lack of achievenents and Hillary is forever saying we (Bill and I) did this, we did that in my 35 years as a 'change agent' and then when it's a bad decision like Bill Clinton's pardon decisions in which her brother (or both them) recived huge sums she says it certinly was't her decison...She played no absolutely part in the decision. I guess we must take her word, since we can't look at the paper trail. Before, I start sounding like a Republican, Giuilani makes whatever Hillary skeletons may have, look like a angel,( and we are getting a pretty good accounting of what his record really was) but if the two of them face off expect a lot of mud to fly.


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