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Clinton TV Ad: The Bush Economy

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Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lee..I've heard her say "we've got to build a prosperous middle class again" meme, now a few times...When I hear it I ask myself if so-called working class voters or those on low incomes applaud as well. I suppose they do. It is probably focus group proof, but somehow I think she could say the same thing but make it more inclusive...I suppose I'm just being picky..

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Clinton's approach is the standard "chicken every pot" speech, but where it hits home and becomes effective campaigning is (a) Bush hasn't done squat for the lower and middle class in the last 7 years -- take S-CHIP as a shining example, and (2) you don't hear any of the Republican candidates proposing to change Bush's "favor the rich" taxation policies.

It should be apparent to middle America that supporting Bush and working at Wal-Mart and hoping for a 20 cent an hour raise isn't the best you can do for your children, and it's time to get government behind 'the people" and not just behind 'the rich people" in the hopes that some cake crumbs get dropped down the income ladder.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Agreed, Lee it goes without saying that the inequality gap in income as gone up in the Bush years and Bush has, had no use for the people on low income, they receive crumbs from(trickle down economics)..But for Hillary, maybe it is good stategy to keep talking about 'the middle-class' (that's where the swing votes are). I'm just making this observation and sure enough(the beauty of the internet)- just researching this now- Bill Clinton used to the same thing as well Bill Clinton's Middle Class Hang-Up.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't think of this message as being "Clintonian" as much as it being a universal Democratic message. Bill Clinton didn't invent this wheel.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

You are right practically everyone (but some Republicans) say or associate themselves with the middle class..In Britain (for better or worse, probably worse) they are are much more precise; lower or upper-middle, working class etc..I always liked George Orwell's description of himself, "I'm lower, upper-middle class".

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

At this point in the race I'd say "It's the War/Economy/Health Care, Stupid!" It boils down to those three as being the most important key issues with voters.

The Repugnants attacking Clinton on Health Care will backfire - all they'll end up doing is highlighting the fact that the Democrats tried for comprehensive health care reform 15 years ago and were were blocked by the obstructionist Republican congress. Ka-boom, more smoke and ash...

And no matter what happens in Iraq with the Surge we know Bush wants to keep us there and not bring the troops home, so there is no Way the Repugnants can come out on top with voters on the issue of of the war.

And with the housing debacle dragging down the economy over the next several quarters prosperity is around the corner AND down the street several blocks for many middle class Americans, who were counting on equity to put their kids through college and fund their retirement, so the economy is unlikely to help the dirty trick Repugnants much, in my view.

Ba-Da Boom baby. Hang the blue drapes in White House - Hillary is coming home.


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