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Kucinich Hands Tucker Carlson His Hat

And shows him to the door, with a smile.

The 30,000 lb. bomb intended for Iran, which is nicknamed 'Big Blue', is discussed further in this post.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It seems like it is almost always the minor candidates or non-candidates that make the most sense.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

That clip of Tucker trying to pin down Kucinich cracked me up. Another minute or so and Tucker would have been in tears..."why won't you answer the question....waaaaaa!"Kucinich show some real poise here, not rolling over for Tucker.

Ron Paul is the only Republican making sense in foreign policy (which turned out to be Bush's achilles heel) and the rest of the Republican candidates mistakenly fell into lockstep with Bush The Cowboy from the start in their feeble attempts to be the first to lock up 'the base" core group of Bush-loyal voters.

What a huge mistake that was. They can't very well flip-flop now -- well, Romney could but the entire nation would call him on it in unison, so they are as stuck in Iraq as Bush is. Billions wasted on a failed nation-building effort in Iraq and Bush's unwillingness to admit it was a mistake echoed by the entire cadre of republican asshats (sans Paul) -- stick a fork in these clowns, quick.

And now the march on Iran is so obvious and blatant, and the Repubbies have another chance to break with Bush -- and Hagel calls it correctly.

Giuliani and Thompson are just plain too stupid to know it's wrong, so don't expect them to break step and start making sense, and McCain has already sung the "bomb iran" song for America, so he'll look like an idiot if he recants...

Which leaves Flip Romney as the only top tier Repubbie who might lie to America and claim he's different than those other guys. OK, that's my bet - 5-2 Romney is the first Republican to break from the Bush doctrine.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lee..I have just been googling on Romney on Iran and he is just as uncomprising as the rest of them ..."In an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos February 17, he characterized Iran as "a genocidal nation, a suicidal nation, in some respects." and Last year, while still governor, Romney refused to provide a security escort or any state services in support of former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, who visited Massachusetts to speak at Harvard University.

Which is a pity? Romney you would think is the one quasi-sane Republican other than Paul..but don't forget this guy is so straight and 'Cartesian'...Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs but according to Mormon doctrine, the Mormon heavy stone tablets just lifted up in the middle of century 19th century and ascended into heaven from Appalachia, so we really can't question the authenticity of the tablets from which all their beliefs are taken..Nuance in dealing with questions about the Middle East seems to be lost on the lot of them, the Republicans, including I'm afraid Romney (apart from a few like Hagel or Paul). Negotiation doesn't have the same GOP audience appeal as 'fire and brimstone'.


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